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13 Jan 2021

Holiday Notebooks 2020

2020 was filled with a multitude of both challenges and victories. Every year is different but 2020 undoubtedly was filled with more change than normal. However, we are proud to say the SunDance team has grown even stronger and more agile this year than ever before. We are reflecting on the silver lining the COVID crazy year has brought us, like this notebook! We created this notebook using solely remnant stock, which controlled the cost and aligned perfectly with our sustainability goals, just another silver lining! The finished product is an interesting blend of paper, color and textures. The cover was produced using #100 cover Black felt paper and foil stamped with clear foil.  The interior on the notebook also has a 2021 calendar and an "Out with the old, in with the new" checklist all foil stamped with silver foil. The notebook also includes a silver belly band produced using #10 pt. cover and 1mil gloss silver lamination. We LOVED creating this notebook!

06 Jan 2021

From Startup to Finish

You’ve got a great new product. You need something to put it in. The packaging needs of a startup company begin with questions like, “How to buy packaging?” or “How to buy a box?” We can help you with that. We’ve actually been there. Our team not only provides packaging solutions from start to finish, but members of our team have been where you are - on the buying side, before we became experts in Folding Carton manufacturing. Let’s start with the basics. Like how to build your art file so it’s print-ready. Our Prepress checklist eliminates the guesswork. Need to ensure your fragile product makes it to shelf unscathed? Our structural design team will guide you to the right box style. Let us take what you find daunting and help you simplify it. You may ask, “but can I afford it?” We have affordable packaging to fit almost any budget and that’s important, especially for a startup. Whether you’re a startup company, creating a new brand or rebranding to start anew, we keep the budget for a new venture at the forefront of what we do and tailor our suggestions to suit.

30 Dec 2020

Personalizing Bulk Mailings Through the Magic Of Geo-Mapping

When you receive a piece of bulk mail in your mailbox, how do you normally react? Well, if you are like me, you interpret this as junk mail. As if the company attempting to get your attention, and by extension, your business, is saying “hey, can you please throw this in the trash for us!?”

09 Dec 2020

What Makes SunDance Labels Different?

Product labeling has a very specific purpose. It helps to market a product while providing the information and messaging necessary for the customer to understand the product's use and ingredients. While it may seem like a simple process to place a label and ingredient list on a product - it can become a very complicated and involved process. Product labeling is a significant part of the product life cycle and can involve a variety of moving parts and printing processes. 

02 Dec 2020

Flexible vs Rigid Packaging: Cheat Sheet

When it comes to choosing packaging for your products, you have a lot of options. So many that it might be overwhelming to find the perfect packaging. Two broad packaging categories that you will find are flexible packaging and rigid packaging. This cheat sheet will help you differentiate these types of packaging materials.
25 Nov 2020

At SunDance, Innovation is Listening

Innovative – it doesn’t have to mean complex. Innovation can be simple. As simple as listening. The simple step of listening to our clients instructs our next move. Is your packaging provider listening to you? “Our passion is solving our customer’s problems by listening to their vision while developing a solution within budget - that’s where innovation happens,” said Kandi Johansmeyer, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Sundance Packaging.

19 Nov 2020

SunDance: The “Yes” Printing Company

SunDance is a multi-channel print and marketing company that continually defies expectations, from steadily growing during economic downturns to making the seemingly impossible happen for customers. There are the usual reasons behind its success like investments in equipment, technology, marketing efforts, and efficiency. However, what truly sets the company apart is its mantra, “Find a way to say ‘yes’.”

Learn more about the company’s past, present, and future to see why the SunDance team has an unwavering commitment to “yes.”  

13 Nov 2020

SunDance vs. Vistaprint

When it comes to print, the cheaper option is not always the best option. Your business cards and marketing collateral are your chance to make a good first impression of your company. You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Vistaprint prices are extremely attractive, but how do they do it? Why can’t your local printer produce those same projects at the rock bottom prices Vistaprint is known for? As a savvy consumer, you will have to weigh the pros and cons associated with those rock bottom prices. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly ordered items. 

28 Oct 2020

White BOPP Films Recognized for HDPE Recycling

SunDance has always been committed to maintaining our environmental sustainability. We recognize the responsibility we have to the planet and strive to ensure we are as low-impact as possible throughout the designing and printing process. 

21 Oct 2020

The Impact of High-Visibility Enhancements on Shelf Presence: A Second Study

Capturing consumer attention can result in big business. High-visibility enhancements, further discussed in our previous post, increase product visibility, stimulate attraction, hold attention, and convey an image of value. High-visibility enhancements allow packages to jump off the shelf and become prominent in front of customers. The An Initial Study into the Impacts of High-visibility Enhancements on Shelf Presence case study indicates clear advantages to foil stamping on packaging and other high-visibility enhancements. This secondary study complements the previous study and provides additional validation, while also taking an additional step by evaluating purchase data. It shows that in a highly competitive category, where consumer personal preference is a significant factor in the purchase decision-making process, the addition of a high-value enhancement to packaging significantly increased the likelihood of purchase.

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