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29 May 2018

Leading the Way with FDA

When most printers hear the words “ink” and “food” in the same sentence, they turn and run in the other direction. SunDance took on the challenge!

 A few years ago, our management identified the FDA Printing and Packaging market as an area desperately in need of qualified print service providers. Our customers were concerned about the liability in printing products associated with food… We consistently had questions like… How do I know if I’m using the right certifications? Does the temperature of the food matter? What kind of paperwork do I need? What if someone’s dog ate my packaging? -- That last one was 100% real... don’t worry, the dog is fine!

 Not a single one of our customers has the time to spend hundreds of hours researching FDA guidelines. We MADE the time. We WELCOMED the training. We ENGAGED the experts. Guided by Professional FDA consultants and FDA Focused Legal Firms, SunDance put in the time and performed hands-on testing in our production facility and ultimately set out to market our new services.

Today, we have active FDA customers coast-to-coast. Every project is different, and FDA standards are ever-changing, we closely monitor changes and new regulations. Don’t let uncertainty about the FDA Printing standards hold you back from moving your company forward. Let SunDance be your FDA Solutions Specialists!

18 May 2018

Leading the Way with Personalized Automation Solutions

SunDance recently participated in the Printing Industries of America 'Automation Ready' Conference and Resource Exchange. Managing Director JohnHenry Ruggeri served as one of the Printing Panelists sharing some of SunDance's case studies highlighting the ways we use automation to help clients streamline their process for more effective business solutions.

During the exchange, JohnHenry discussed how SunDance continually seeks new ways to help our customers automate and innovate, specifically addressing the data management challenges many of our clients face. Our goal is to incorporate automation into our customer-focused, solutions-based model. This allows us to create fully customized and automated programs to manage and analyze data for more effective and targeted campaigns.

 Contact your SunDance customer service representative today to learn more about how you can use automation to increase your marketing success with SunDance.

11 May 2018

Custom Trade Show Displays

Innovation at SunDance comes from fostering a culture of creativity and experimentation. That creativity brings you the latest unique offering from SunDance.

A client challenged us to create a transparent sign with letters that seemed to float. When we delivered and set up the finished pieces, our team was inspired. We knew with just a little modification we would have the expo display our trade show clients needed.

We went back to the shop to create a deceivingly sleek and straightforward base design on which we could add any combination of things such as shelves on one side or both, document pockets, graphics or even lights.

04 May 2018

Case Study - Signature Flight

Employee “Welcome Aboard” Kit Takes Flight!

Creating a personalized and targeted onboarding process helps employees feel welcomed and valued by their new employer. Signature Flight Support wanted to produce a piece that would enhance this experience for all new team members. They turned to SunDance to create a complete New Employee Welcome Kit with this goal in mind.

 Click Here to Download

18 Apr 2018

Press Release- SunDance Wins Big at the 2018 FSEA Gold Leaf Awards!

ORLANDO, Fla., April 19, 2018 - SunDance (, an Orlando-based marketing, mail, design and print company, today reported they received 4 Gold Leaf Awards at the 25th Annual FSEA Awards Ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee. The awards were presented by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association on April 12th, at the FSEA-IADD Joint Conference Special Awards Reception. Each year, the Foil & Specialty Effects Association receives hundreds of entries from all over the world and a panel of industry experts choose winners that demonstrate the best in foil stamping, embossing and other specialty effects.

Our goal at SunDance is to provide top-quality service and results to each and every one of our clients, and we are proud to be recognized as leaders and innovators in the field of specialty finishing techniques and effects.

10 Apr 2018

Case Study - B4

B4 partnered with SunDance to manage the expansion of their multi-channel promotional campaign for B4's brand of specialty vitamin-infused beverages. Our range of in-house services and industry expertise allowed us to guide them through the process of creating complementary branded materials, collateral, and promotional items to promote their unique beverage line. Find out more and see the campaign results for yourself in our latest case study. 

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30 Mar 2018

Capacity Folders

Sometimes a traditional presentation folder is not large enough to hold all of your business collateral. Capacity folders are the answer. You can now have a folder with a custom sized boxed pocket to allow for more materials without bulging or ripping.

SunDance recently added the box bottom folder to our lineup of available presentation folder designs produced in-house, and the response has been phenomenal. The larger sizes can accommodate many times more materials, making the box-bottom perfect for projects where a traditional presentation folder is not enough. 


23 Mar 2018

6 Ways to Enhance Your Perfect-Bound Crossovers

If you’re planning a job with crossovers (layouts that span across a two-page spread), there are several considerations to keep in mind. Choosing the right binding, and adjusting your design and layout accordingly will help ensure that any crossover text or images are presented in the best possible way.

16 Mar 2018

Custom Wallpaper

Personalize your space with custom printed wallpaper! SunDance can take your favorite image, design, or painting—even your child’s artwork— and turn it into wallpaper for your home, office or business. See how it works in our latest video

12 Mar 2018

Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes

SunDance is proud to announce the addition of Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes to our line of Custom Packaging Printing. Auto-Lock Bottom systems are used on larger automated production lines to create professional, secure product boxes instantly without the use of tape or additional glue. 

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