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15 May 2024

Print Resources: Converting GSM to Pounds

Welcome to SunDance, your friendly guide through the paper weight puzzle of GSM vs. Pounds! We've crafted this guide to demystify the process and help you seamlessly convert GSM (grams per square meter) to pounds, which is especially handy if you're accustomed to inches and pounds but find yourself in the land of paper metrics. As a commercial printer working with international brands, we often find there is some confusion when trying to convert paper weights. Have no fear, we are here to help with all of your printing woes!

30 Apr 2024

Flexible Packaging: Making the Transition PFAS Free Packaging

PFAS is an acronym that encompasses PerFluoroAlkyl (PFA) and PolyFluoroAlkyl Substances (PFAS), tongue-twisters by any standard. This chemical group includes thousands of PFAS that are found in a wide range of consumer, commercial, and industrial products. But what else do we know about PFAS?

For starters, PFAS were first introduced in the 1940s and 50s when manufacturers began shifting their focus from supporting the American war effort overseas to supporting American economic growth and consumer conveniences at home.

12 Apr 2024

Direct Mail: How SunDance Protects Customer Data with SOC 2 TYPE 1 Certification

Direct mail campaigns, as well as email marketing campaigns, rely on databases of customer information that your marketing organization has accumulated and kept current over time. These databases may include customer names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, demographic information, buying habits, and other customer data.

In using and storing this personally identifiable information, you have an obligation to safeguard the data and protect it from loss and theft. As your printing and mailing services provider, SunDance has the same obligation to safeguard this data and maintain direct mail security—and it is a responsibility we take very seriously.

29 Mar 2024

Sustainable Printing: Introducing SunDance's Radiance EcoBoard

SunDance is thrilled to unveil our latest solution, Radiance EcoBoard, designed to elevate sustainability and provide eco-conscious options for wide-format signage and tradeshow displays. For far too long, the choices for rigid portable signage have been limited to polystyrene or ¼" PVC – materials that, despite their convenience and lightweight nature, ultimately end up in landfills, unable to be recycled. And, if the item is being used for shop signage, such as a trade show or other temporary installation, the material may only be used for hours before being discarded in the trash, potentially lasting for hundreds of years in a landfill. At SunDance, we continually seek new ways to innovate and provide more sustainable solutions to the market. Radiance EcoBoard is an outstanding illustration of this commitment.

15 Mar 2024

Concept to Completion: Making a Custom Shaped Die-Cut Pouch

At SunDance, we are always looking for new ways to innovate and offer creative solutions to support our clients and partners — so much so that one of our core values is "Be Extremely Innovative". With innovation in mind, we recently expanded our Flexible Packaging capabilities to include Die-Cut Pouches. This new addition to our pouch manufacturing capabilities has opened up a world of opportunity for our clients, who can now create a pouch in any shape imaginable with us.

To celebrate our expanded packaging offerings, our team designed and produced a Shamrock Die-Cut Pouch for St.Patrick's Day.

26 Feb 2024

Sustainable Printing: SunDance's 2023 SGP Summary

At SunDance, we are committed to protecting the environment and take our role as a sustainable print and packaging manufacturer very seriously. Every year, we aim to be more sustainable than the last, and 2023 was no exception. As the first SGP-certified Offset Printer in Florida, we are proud to continuously implement sustainable solutions for environmentally efficient manufacturing processes. In accordance with SGP standards, we undertake an annual continuous improvement project or projects to show our commitment to sustainable practices.

11 Jan 2024

Concept to Completion: Making a Custom Holiday Gift

At SunDance, we are excited to share the process behind our Holiday Popcorn Kit for 2023. We want to take you behind the scenes and pull the curtain back on the step-by-step process of how we brought this delightful holiday gift to life. From concept to completion, we'll provide insight into each component and the meticulous attention to detail that goes into creating a successful client holiday gift that doubles as a promotional product. If you plan to create a Holiday Gift for clients in 2024, we hope this lends some creative inspiration to your process.

26 Dec 2023

Direct Mail: Get Top Results with Full-Color Printed Envelopes

Printing your direct mail envelopes in vibrant colors, with custom images, is a sure way to get your direct mail noticed. Our newest full-color printed envelope capabilities offer a wide range of sizes, complete PMS matches, variable data options, and lightning-fast production speed. As consumer interests shift and generational preferences continue to evolve, leveraging full-color envelopes in your marketing campaigns can drive brand recognition and loyalty from audiences. 

08 Dec 2023

Sustainable Printing: 5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Print Project

At SunDance, our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. For example, we were the first certified Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) offset printer in the state of Florida. Understanding the shared desire of our clients to adopt eco-conscious printing practices, we stand as a versatile partner with diverse capabilities spanning wide-format, packaging, and commercial printing. Here are five essential factors to consider before embarking on your next print project, empowering you to make conscientious and sustainable choices across our comprehensive range of printing services.

16 Nov 2023

Direct Mail Discounts for the Holidays: Save on Direct Mail Campaigns in November and December!

The value of direct mail marketing has been demonstrated repeatedly, with high open rates and high response rates. Direct mail is more durable than email, with a longer shelf life. And direct mail resonates with an unmatched tactile and visual experience. According to an article in PostPress Magazine, the mailing industry represents roughly 4.6% of GDP in the United States. US households read or scan more than 70% of the advertising mail they receive. And a recent USPS study found that 67% of consumers think direct mail feels more personal than electronic messaging.

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