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14 Oct 2020

An Initial Study into the Impact of High-Visibility Enhancements on Shelf Presence

Standing out in a sea of similar products requires packaging that pops! High-visibility enhancements, such as embossing, specialty UV coatings, metallic/foil finishes, help you achieve just that. High-visibility enhancements increase product visibility, stimulate attraction, hold attention, and convey an image of value. These enhancements allow packages to jump off the shelf and become prominent in front of customers. The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics at Clemson University, in partnership with R. Andrew Hurley’s research program, conducted an eye-tracking study in the CU shop Consumer Behavior Lab. The results state the ability of a package to attract the shopper's visual attention has a strong influence on a  consumer's decisions to purchase; making it clear that high-visibility enhancements on packages are highly effective in increasing customers' likelihood of purchase.

08 Oct 2020

Which is Cheaper Offset or Digital Printing?

We are often asked how SunDance determines if a project should be produced using digital or offset technology. One of the driving factors is order quantity. Assuming there is no variable data such as personalization which would require the use of digital technology, Offset printing will yield a lower unit cost on higher order quantity projects, but there are higher upfront costs involved in getting the first sheet off the press. The distribution of the upfront costs over a greater quantity is commonly referred to as economies of scale which result in a lower unit cost than digital can provide.

30 Sep 2020

The Best Way to Build Your Brand with a Company Logo

First impressions are everything. Your company logo is the first introduction to your business that potential clients see, so it has to make an impressive impact. Looking to powerfully build your brand? Keep in mind the following five tips to incorporate into your company logo design, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a thriving name in your industry.  

24 Sep 2020

3 Creative Ways to Use Your Data

2020 has been a year like no other. At SunDance we are taking this as an opportunity to challenge the normal way of doing things and get creative to find new solutions to drive even BETTER results. We have the solutions and the fresh ideas you seek to engage, communicate, and create positive, long-lasting impressions. Let’s make it personal! 

16 Sep 2020

SunDance Direct Plus

Discover, nurture, and motivate your customers to take action with our latest turnkey solution, SunDance Direct Plus. SunDance Direct Plus combines physical direct mail with online digital ads to SUPERsize your reach and generate greater response rates. The program collects anonymous, cookie-free, IP addresses for your website’s visitors, runs them through a reverse append algorithm, cross checks data with 3rd party providers, and runs multi-channel targeted ads. 

10 Sep 2020

SunDance Increases Hangtag and Stringing Capacity with the Purchase of MillerBevco’s Model 547 Automatic Stringer

We are excited to announce our recent purchase of MillerBevco’s Model 547 Automatic Stringer. This equipment acquisition increases our capacity for hangtag and stringing. The Model 547 Stringer is designed to tie knots in looped strong or elastic either with or without cards or ribbons. SunDance, with the Model 547 Stringer, can facilitate the process therefore, maintaining the customer’s price competitive low and increasing efficiency with better turnaround time.  

03 Sep 2020

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Offset Print Project

Choosing the right partner for a print project can be daunting. With so many options available, how can you be sure you are selecting the best “fit”? While price is often a driving factor in the selection, we believe there are three areas of importance that should never be overlooked.

24 Aug 2020

The Reasons Your Company Should Migrate from Container to Pouch

Did you know Stand-up (SUP) Pouches, a flexible packaging product, are projected to grow at a rate of 6-6.5% per year to 2022? Stand-up Pouches are an ideal solution for many types of products, including food and beverages, pet food, natural and organic products, and sports and nutrition products. Get a head start on your competition and begin your container-to-pouch migration with the help of SunDance today!

17 Aug 2020

How the Preference for Gloss Stems from an Innate Need for Water

Human beings are attracted to glossy objects. Shiny cars, dazzling diamonds, sequined gowns conjure up images of the good life. As expected, glossy paper is more aesthetically appealing than matte paper. Gloss products/objects have been linked to more favorable attitudes and higher purchase intentions. So why do people like gloss? In addition to positive feelings evoked by the attractiveness and beauty of gloss, gloss’ preference also is related to, an essential resource, fresh water.

05 Aug 2020

1st Surface and 2nd Surface Printing | 3D Effect Printing

SunDance is all about making brands look their best which is why we offer 3D effect printing like 1st surface and 2nd surface printing for signs, awards, plaques, and other promotional materials. Whether you’re looking for a memorable business sign or an award fit for an executive, SunDance’s 3D effect printing is sure to enhance the look of your printed item by adding visual interest and dimension. Learn more about 1st surface and 2nd surface printing to see how 3D effect printing can elevate your brand’s image.  

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