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24 Jul 2019

SunDance—Then and Now

You may call us sentimental, but sometimes we get so passionate about our work we want to shout it from the rooftops. We also want to spotlight our dedicated team who make the impossible happen day in and day out—from sales associates and customer service reps to press managers and delivery drivers.

15 Jul 2019

10 Interactive Print Ad Techniques to Boost Response Rate

Anytime you can get a reader to take the time to interact with your marketing piece, it’s a big win. Everyone enjoys feeling engaged and entertained—and printed materials can elicit emotions that are hard to convey in digital formats. A smart, well-thought-out print ad can add value and credibility to your brand in ways that are nearly impossible through other mediums.

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12 Jul 2019

2019 FSEA Gold Leaf Awards

Everyone loves to be recognized for their hard work. At SunDance, we are no different! That’s why we are so proud of the 3 Gold Leaf Awards we received this year at the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) Awards Ceremony.

11 Jul 2019

2019 New Food-Safe Printing Features

As a food manufacturer, restaurant owner, or food service business, you want to make sure that you can brand effectively without compromising the taste and safety of the foods you serve. Sundance’s food-safe printing technology ensures you can do exactly that. We offer a variety of products and services that allow you to make the best use of limited space that’s available on your food packaging. Let’s review U.S. food regulations and take a closer look at several of the food-safe printing options we offer so you can move confidently forward with your food packaging project.

01 May 2019

SunDance Acquires New EHD Series Kluge Die Cutter and Polar High-Speed Cutter

SunDance is proud to announce the addition of two new finishing machines; an EHD Kluge Die Cutter and a Polar N 137 AT HD. The EHD Kluge Die Cutter, joins SunDance’s other finishing equipment including an earlier version of this Kluge plus 29 additional machines ranging from laminators to a tie loop stringer. Setting itself apart from the rest, this newest Kluge decreases make-ready times by 30 minutes and runs at a speed of up to 3,300 impressions per hour, drastically increasing production during each shift.  The addition of the EHD Series Kluge expands our in-house capabilities while furthering SunDance’s goal of reducing turnaround time by increasing efficiency.

22 Apr 2019

SunDance Celebrates Earth Day

As Florida’s first Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) certified printer, Earth Day holds special meaning for SunDance. In addition to our extensive recycling efforts, which resulted in recycling 7,140 trees’ worth of paper and over 2.9 million gallons of water annually, SunDance continuously implements conservation practices to reduce resource consumption before it reaches the recycling stage. These efficiencies result in not only decreased materials consumption, but also in the time it takes to complete an order. Some of our more recent conservation efforts include the implementation of press automation processes, improved proofing and prepress software, and mailing automation processes. In addition to our recycling and conservation efforts, SunDance reuses and repurposes boxes and packing materials to prevent them from ending up in a landfill.  Reduce Reuse Recycle… how SunDance shows its dedication to being responsible stewards of the planet. If you’d like to see more information about SunDance Conversation efforts Click here to see our latest press release.

12 Apr 2019

AdventHealth Interactive Card Booth

SunDance created an interactive booth for AdventHealth to spread their Feeling Whole Campaign during their Executive Leadership Conference in Orlando. Working closely with conference organizers, SunDance’s designers, IT experts, and production staff, created a four sided booth. AdventHealth’s Executive Leadership team from across Central Florida stepped up to the booth and pressed a red button, which ejected a card requesting that they perform a specific random act of kindness. Check out more about the booth on our Portfolio page.

04 Apr 2019

Sundance's Customer Commitment

The SunDance team is committed to providing outstanding service and exceeding expectations on every single project… and it shows. Our clients come to us knowing not only are we experts in print, but we care about the look and feel of a completed piece. SunDance understands every job has a purpose and acts as a brand ambassador, leaving an impression on its audience. The commitment and care we take producing an order will affect the final outcome, and ultimately our client’s consumer. We select our employees based on a strong sense of personal responsibility and an enduring commitment to our clients. While a client will never know the name of every person responsible for the success of their job, each of our team members considers every client to be their client. From reception to sales to every single member of our production team, SunDance employees care about our customers’ projects coming out right and on time. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the most recent things our clients have had to say about working with SunDance.

25 Mar 2019

Sundance Embraces Automation, Significantly Speeding Up Services

SunDance’s priority is to provide the best possible service for its customers. It may sound a bit simple, but it is true—and the proof is in the process. In 2018 we achieved our highest customer satisfaction rating to date, and we are always striving to make ongoing improvements. Internal initiatives are not always customer facing yet often yield substantial improvements to our service and solutions. We were honored to be chosen and highlighted for integrating the PrintOS Jobs API and Tharstern API to automate digital processes for our HP Indigo at EDGE 2019, Dscoop Annual Conference.

18 Mar 2019

Case Study - A - Plus Meetings & Incentives

Our client is an award winning meeting and event service provider that assists corporate clients needing anything from assistance to full service aid in corporate trade shows and events. They travel all over the country setting up, coordinating and managing their client meeting and events.

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