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14 Aug 2018

Target Local Prospects with Geo Mapping Direct Mail

Geo mapping is a dynamic way to incorporate personal location-based information into your direct mail campaigns. SunDance uses variable data to match your customer’s address with your nearest business location, and includes this important information on your mail piece—complete with a map and directions from the recipient’s home to your location.

By using variable geo mapping data, you can make it easier for your potential customers to find your business. This can prove incredibly useful in increasing traffic and boosting brand awareness on a local level. With geo mapping, you can include accurate directions and contact information of your closest location, without having to take up valuable space with multiple addresses or confusing directions. The highly targeted information is the most relevant to your potential customer and enhances the overall effectiveness of the direct mail piece.

31 Jul 2018

SunDance Takes Home 28 Wins at the 2018 Florida Print Awards!

SunDance joined Florida’s best printers in celebration of PAF members and their accomplishments in print media at the 2018 Florida Print Awards on July 20th. The “Havana Nights” themed evening opened with a cocktail reception, followed by the awards banquet and industry appreciation party. SunDance’s awards for the evening included 15 Best in Category, 8 Judges’ Awards and 5 Awards of Excellence.

We are proud to be recognized by our peers for our continued dedication to excellence in printed communications. Our goal is to always provide our clients with the highest quality service and award-winning results.

25 Jul 2018

SunDance Attends Geek Wrap University

We’ve Graduated! SunDance recently sent two production team members to Geek Wraps University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This 3M hosted training facility provided our team members with hands-on training for the installation of fleet graphics, boat wraps, smooth walls, textured walls, and floor graphics.

19 Jul 2018

Video - SunDance's Spinning Business Card on 60 Second Fold

Our friend Trish Witkowski from featured SunDance’s newest creative piece in her #441 Fold of the Week video. Trish shows the layout and design behind SunDance's spinning business cards, including die cutting, spot 3D UV, blind UV, soft touch coating, and of course SunDance’s signature style. We are thrilled that you love our new business cards as much as we do!

18 Jul 2018

Save Your Letter from the Trash! - Designing Envelopes that Get Opened

Creating a compelling envelope can mean the difference between a successful direct mail piece and one that falls flat. There are many ways to entice recipients to open your envelope—from personalization and finishing techniques to eye-catching colors, textures and even interactive elements. Find new ways to increase ROI by testing variable envelope design options on your next direct mail campaign.

 Here are some of our favorite tips for increasing response rate through envelope design:



02 Jul 2018

The Flare Newsletter - July 2018

The July 2018 issue of The Flare, SunDance's Newsletter is now available to read online. This issue has info on how to Create More Effective, Personalized MarketingReach Your Customers Where They Hang Out, and Impact Response Rates With Color and Personalization, plus more Marketing Trends you should know about. 

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Have A Project? More About Direct Mail

19 Jun 2018

Help Your Customers Find The Way

SunDance has quickly become a leader in the directional signage market. Through large projects with hotels and hospitals, stadiums and universities, SunDance has helped clients every step of the way from concept and design to the manufacturing and installation of high-quality wayfinding signs. While these larger projects can be largely custom-made pieces, many rely on standard hardware or sign systems available from third-party vendors such as SignPro Systems. SunDance then produces the custom graphical elements to complete a cost-effective yet professional standardized sign system for any sized project or budget.  We can even help with delivery and installation at your location, even if you're not in the Central Florida area.

The latest styles of these type of signs that have been coming through our print shop have been so impressive that we had to share a few of our favorite new designs. Of course, we always love the challenge of a custom directional sign project, however being the most effective we can be for our clients is truly the bottom line. Saving money here may free up the budget for the next marketing project on your list. Contact us today to discuss this project, your next one, or your entire list. That's what we do here at SunDance.

Contact us today to discuss your signage needs. 407.734.7444



12 Jun 2018

SunDance Makes FDA Printing Easy

SunDance has been leading the way in the FDA or Food Safe Printing revolution, rising to the occasion for customers from large chains and restaurants all the way down to caterers and wedding parties. While we’ve created some incredibly unique pieces like the edible cookbook for Stouffer, more often we’ve saved the day with less inspired pieces that simply needed to be there. 

Last year, we began to regularly stock our popular food safe lightweight boxboard because we were ordering it so often for customer jobs. Keeping it in stock has allowed us to turn around some exciting projects in record time. 

We’re happy to announce the same for our 50# food safe paper, typically used for tray liners at your favorite fast food dinning establishments. After so many tray liner orders, we have decided to add it to our regularly stocked line of food safe papers so that it's available whenever necessary. 

While we order specific paper for most jobs, stocking paper as part of our regular inventory allows us to have it on hand for short runs or even to prototype samples that require a fast turnaround. 

Contact us today and to discuss your next FDA food safe printing project. 407.734.7444

30 May 2018

Congratulations to Our Airpod Winners


29 May 2018

Leading the Way with FDA

When most printers hear the words “ink” and “food” in the same sentence, they turn and run in the other direction. SunDance took on the challenge!

 A few years ago, our management identified the FDA Printing and Packaging market as an area desperately in need of qualified print service providers. Our customers were concerned about the liability in printing products associated with food… We consistently had questions like… How do I know if I’m using the right certifications? Does the temperature of the food matter? What kind of paperwork do I need? What if someone’s dog ate my packaging? -- That last one was 100% real... don’t worry, the dog is fine!

 Not a single one of our customers has the time to spend hundreds of hours researching FDA guidelines. We MADE the time. We WELCOMED the training. We ENGAGED the experts. Guided by Professional FDA consultants and FDA Focused Legal Firms, SunDance put in the time and performed hands-on testing in our production facility and ultimately set out to market our new services.

Today, we have active FDA customers coast-to-coast. Every project is different, and FDA standards are ever-changing, we closely monitor changes and new regulations. Don’t let uncertainty about the FDA Printing standards hold you back from moving your company forward. Let SunDance be your FDA Solutions Specialists!

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