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24 Jun 2022

New Flexibility in Designing Creative Pouch Packaging

In the competitive consumer packaged goods industry, creative brands want the flexibility to mix and match a variety of flexible packaging materials and features and combine them with crisp digital printing and vibrant colors. Our latest equipment addition, the Hudson Sharp Ares 400- Dual Web Unwind, is an advanced pouch packaging equipment that accepts recycle-ready polyethylene, laminated films, bio-films, and paper-like films. Zippered pouches, resealable closers, side and bottom gussets, and child-resistant packaging are also popular capabilities. 

17 Jun 2022

Pouching Palooza with the Ares-400

SunDance is pleased to announce the latest addition to our packaging and pouching equipment list – the Hudson Sharp Ares 400-SUP. As we continue to expand and meet our clients’ needs for flexible pouching and packaging, the Ares-400 is the logical choice to expand our offerings to our customers. The Hudson Sharp Ares-400 is loaded with features, including dual unwind with front and back register, bottom gusset insertion, and the ability to insert CR, standard PTC, or powder-resistant zippers. The Ares-400 delivers excellent pouching capabilities on a variety of substrates, including recycle-ready PE, laminated films, and polyethylene. With the addition of the Ares-400, SunDance is ready to help our customers expand into the flexible packaging marketplace with eye-catching designs, outstanding quality, and our knowledgeable sales team to guide you on your way.

10 Jun 2022

The Amazing Advantages of Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging

As a leading producer of printed packaging in the Southeastern U.S., Sundance creates eye-catching flexible packages that promote your unique brand and effectively market your products. Flexible packaging can be printed traditionally, on offset presses, when high volumes are needed. And flexible packaging can be printed digitally, on our HP Indigo digital press, when certain other needs must be met. The following five scenarios make digitally printed flexible packaging your perfect choice.

02 Jun 2022

This New Stand-Up Pouch is Versatile, Child-Resistant, and Certified PPPA Compliant

SunDance is a leading producer of printed packaging in the Southeastern U.S., including flexible packaging and child-resistant packaging. Recently, our flexible 4 x 6 stand-up pouch was officially certified as child-resistant by an independent testing facility, meaning that it meets the requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, (PPPA), as mandated in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700.20.

27 May 2022

Flexible Packaging -  a unique and sustainable option

Over the past few years, you may have noticed a shift in trends at the grocery store. Pastas once sold in cardboard containers are now in pouch bags, plastic apple sauce cups now compete with squeeze bottles, and large bulky detergent pod containers have been replaced with sleek bags and child- resistant zippers. What is this new style of packaging, and is it here to stay or just a passing trend?


23 May 2022

SunDance Takes Labels and Flexible Packaging to New Level with HP Indigo Digital Press

SunDance Takes Labels and Flexible Packaging to New Level with HP Indigo Digital Press

13 May 2022

Putting Our Actions Where Our Values Are...

Here at SunDance, we’re committed to our core values, including our commitments to live sustainably and maintain integrity. In the interests of being open and transparent, we wanted to pull back the curtain and show how we practice living sustainably every day. We’ve just finished analyzing our metrics for 2021 and wanted to share some of what we’ve done.

09 May 2022

The ABCs of Aqueous Coating and Their Benefit to You

Aqueous coating offers a popular and eco-friendly option for your printed marketing materials with a choice of gloss or matte finishes and enhanced durability.

29 Apr 2022

Happy Arbor Day!

Here at SunDance, we’re all about doing our part for the environment. We try to live sustainably. There’s a misconception in the world that we should be shifting away from paper and forest products as climate change looms. However, that kind of thinking is sadly misguided. Trees make oxygen, take in CO2. If climate change is being led by CO2 emissions, we shouldn’t be cutting down trees, right? Well, it’s more complicated than that. We actually have more trees today in the US than 100 years ago, yes, you read that right!

21 Apr 2022

Child-Resistant Packaging: A Perfect Marriage of Product Marketing and Child Safety

Fifty years ago, “easy to open” packaging of common household products and medicines was the leading cause of unintentional poisoning of children aged five and under.  Today, thanks to increased safety features, child resistant packaging like zippers and caps have allowed us to embrace the modern conveniences of flexible packaging for thousands of items.  Child-resistant pouches are an innovative flexible packaging solution available in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and materials. For companies who must comply with child safety requirements while competing in the product marketing arena, child-resistant pouches offer these important benefits.

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