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10 Mar 2020

Tradeshow (Pre, During & Post) Cheat Sheet

Trade shows allow you a chance to showcase the best parts of your business. With just several seconds to attract the attention of someone walking by your booth, it is essential for your trade show booth to reflect your brand at a glance, through product and personal interactions, and make the biggest impact possible.

09 Mar 2020

SunDance and OneBlood Team Up for Blood Drive

SunDance and OneBlood recently teamed up for a blood drive to help save more lives in our community. Every two seconds someone needs blood which is why blood donation is always in critical need. OneBlood is a not-for-profit blood center that provides safe, available, and affordable blood to more than 280 hospital partners and their patients. It distributes more than 1.5 million blood products annually and serves most of Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and parts of Southern Georgia. Learn more about blood donation and the results of SunDance’s latest blood drive!

18 Feb 2020

Packaging, Labels, and Your BRAND

Packaging and labels are one of your biggest brand ambassadors because they influence how consumers will perceive your brand. Boring or poor-quality packaging and labels will immediately affect consumers’ opinions which can be hard to change - after all, you only have one shot at a first impression! Even if your product or service is amazing, it won’t sell well if your packaging and labels are unappealing to consumers, let alone make a positive impression of your brand. See how you can enhance your brand’s image with consumers by following these packaging and labels tips.

17 Feb 2020

Benefits of Flexible Packaging

What are the benefits of Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging is made from pliable paper or film to create a flexible, durable, and portable package that enhances the customer experience and a brand’s perceived value. It’s a popular type of packaging seen in many markets like food, beauty, health, and more because it can be used with different product consistencies such as pills, bars, gels, powders, and creams. In addition to its versatility, there are many types of flexible packaging such as:

31 Jan 2020

SunDance Improves Cutting Services with Purchase of Zünd Digital Cutter

The Printing Company’s New Digital Cutter Is Set to Improve Cut Quality for Print Products While Increasing Productivity.

15 Jan 2020

Latest Trend in Product Security: Invisible Ink

The cover of the latest issue of SunDance’s Flare magazine appears to be blank. Is it a misprint? Did the ink rub off? Not at SunDance! Last quarter’s issue illustrates the latest trend in product security – invisible ink.

14 Jan 2020

Auto Lock Boxes: A Creative and Convenient Packaging Solution

Auto lock boxes are used to package a variety of products like food, cosmetics, electronics, and more thanks to their easy assembly and numerous design opportunities. Also known as auto bottom boxes, sealed bottom boxes, or snap lock boxes, these boxes balance creativity and convenience, making them an ideal packaging solution for many retail products. Learn more about auto lock boxes to see how they can streamline your packaging operations and increase brand memorability with a custom printed design.

14 Jan 2020

Labeling FAQs with Steve Kirchof

We recently had the pleasure to sit down with one of our own, Steve Kirchof. Steve's background is comprised of well over a decade of packaging, digital print production, sales, marketing, and branding. As an early adopter in digital print technology, he's worked along side industries such as cosmetics, craft beverage, nutritional, cannabis, CBD & specialty foods. 

13 Dec 2019

How to Clean Up Your Direct Mailing List to Improve Accuracy

While great design and copy are essential for creating successful direct mail pieces, it won’t mean much if your direct mailing list is inaccurate. Sending your direct mail to the wrong address or person is a surefire way to increase your rate of ‘undeliverable-as-addressed’ mail. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your direct mailing list’s accuracy so your pieces get in the hands of target customers.

09 Dec 2019

Delighting Customers is at the Core of Everything We Do

Lots of businesses talk about customer satisfaction but at SunDance, satisfaction isn’t enough...we want customers to be delighted with our service! Delighting customers is at the core of who we are and what we strive to do every day. In our increasingly automated world, it’s nice to have a level of service that exceeds expectations and has a human touch. See how SunDance helped a software company avert a crisis with their marketing materials at a conference thanks to our employees’ quick response and dedication.

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