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23 Mar 2023

How Do Flexible Pouches Compare to Cans? The Advantages are Numerous!

Aluminum and steel are the two most common cans used for food and beverages. Both are recyclable, despite being thinly lined with a polyester or acrylic barrier between the food or beverage and the metal can. Although canning dates to the early 1800s, aluminum was introduced into can-making in 1957, according to Industrial Physics. Aluminum cans have been recycled so much that nearly 75% of all the aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

However, cans have decided drawbacks when compared with using flexible pouches for food and beverages. Since the original stand-up pouch was invented in 1963, flexible pouches have become a mainstay of modern food and beverage packaging, according to Industrial Packaging.

21 Sep 2022

Optimize Your Products with Flexible Pouch Options (Part 1)

Countless flexible pouch options are available to optimize your product marketing efforts. This two-part article will help you understand the options by describing the various parts of a flexible pouch, what they are called, and what they do. We begin with pouch styles and gussets in Part 1 and finish with pouch seals and closures in Part 2.

06 Apr 2020

Contactless & Sealed Before Delivery Labels

As the world faces the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses have been forced to adapt to the new normal- social distancing. Thousands of restaurants nationwide have closed their dining rooms and resorted to take-out and delivery. These new guidelines, although they are implemented to slow down and stop the spread of COVID-19, bring difficulties to restaurant owners. Ease your customers anxiety of transmitting the virus by implementing and marketing “Contactless Delivery” and “Sealed Before Delivery.”  

11 Jul 2019

2019 New Food-Safe Printing Features

As a food manufacturer, restaurant owner, or food service business, you want to make sure that you can brand effectively without compromising the taste and safety of the foods you serve. Sundance’s food-safe printing technology ensures you can do exactly that. We offer a variety of products and services that allow you to make the best use of limited space that’s available on your food packaging. Let’s review U.S. food regulations and take a closer look at several of the food-safe printing options we offer so you can move confidently forward with your food packaging project.

12 Jun 2018

SunDance Makes FDA Printing Easy

SunDance has been leading the way in the FDA or Food Safe Printing revolution, rising to the occasion for customers from large chains and restaurants all the way down to caterers and wedding parties. While we’ve created some incredibly unique pieces like the edible cookbook for Stouffer, more often we’ve saved the day with less inspired pieces that simply needed to be there. 

Last year, we began to regularly stock our popular food safe lightweight boxboard because we were ordering it so often for customer jobs. Keeping it in stock has allowed us to turn around some exciting projects in record time. 

We’re happy to announce the same for our 50# food safe paper, typically used for tray liners at your favorite fast food dinning establishments. After so many tray liner orders, we have decided to add it to our regularly stocked line of food safe papers so that it's available whenever necessary. 

While we order specific paper for most jobs, stocking paper as part of our regular inventory allows us to have it on hand for short runs or even to prototype samples that require a fast turnaround. 

Contact us today and to discuss your next FDA food safe printing project. 407.734.7444

29 May 2018

Leading the Way with FDA

When most printers hear the words “ink” and “food” in the same sentence, they turn and run in the other direction. SunDance took on the challenge!

 A few years ago, our management identified the FDA Printing and Packaging market as an area desperately in need of qualified print service providers. Our customers were concerned about the liability in printing products associated with food… We consistently had questions like… How do I know if I’m using the right certifications? Does the temperature of the food matter? What kind of paperwork do I need? What if someone’s dog ate my packaging? -- That last one was 100% real... don’t worry, the dog is fine!

 Not a single one of our customers has the time to spend hundreds of hours researching FDA guidelines. We MADE the time. We WELCOMED the training. We ENGAGED the experts. Guided by Professional FDA consultants and FDA Focused Legal Firms, SunDance put in the time and performed hands-on testing in our production facility and ultimately set out to market our new services.

Today, we have active FDA customers coast-to-coast. Every project is different, and FDA standards are ever-changing, we closely monitor changes and new regulations. Don’t let uncertainty about the FDA Printing standards hold you back from moving your company forward. Let SunDance be your FDA Solutions Specialists!

12 Mar 2018

Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes

SunDance is proud to announce the addition of Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes to our line of Custom Packaging Printing. Auto-Lock Bottom systems are used on larger automated production lines to create professional, secure product boxes instantly without the use of tape or additional glue. 

19 Jan 2018

Augmented Reality Meets Print: Thrubox

For the first time ever, augmented reality allows users to interact digitally with printed pieces. With a free app, digital experiences with cards, magazines, and signs come to life. Give your product a personality, or make a textbook more than just a textbook. Now you can.

03 Jan 2018

White Paper-Foil Use on Packaging

New White Paper Examines Benefits of Foil Use on Packaging

Have your been considering using foil on your next project? Looking for a way for your packaging to stand out from the rest? Our latest in-depth white paper highlights the benefits of utilizing foil techniques in product packaging and the specifics of how foil embellishments can increase recognition, sales, retention and market share. Find out how companies like Colgate®, Zantac®, Gilette® and more incorporated foil techniques into their package design to boost ROI and position their products at the top of the pack.


27 Jul 2017


Congratulations to Wing, a division of Grey Advertising group, for bringing home a Bronze Cannes Lions Award for their Stouffer’s 'Cookbook You Can Cook’ project. The cookbook also received two shortlist awards at the prestigious 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with Wing to execute their unique vision of an FDA-friendly cookbook, featuring food-safe ink and ‘cookable' paper. SunDance took on the challenge of creating an in-house “clean room” and worked around the clock with live-streaming access to stay in constant communication with the agency. We are so excited to see the team's hard work pay off!

At SunDance, we love when our clients come to us with their biggest ideas and challenges, and we appreciate that Wing trusted us to help execute this award-winning cookbook. Here’s to many more award-winning projects in the future!



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