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31 May 2017

Minipack MVS31 XP

The Minipack MVS31 XP is a chamber vacuum sealer for packaging fragile materials or creating creative packaging options. The Minipack was originally developed for sealing perishable foods. Over the past few years, the sous vide cooking trend has made the vacuum sealers even more popular to seal bags before boiling.

SunDance acquired the Minipack for a specific job which required one of a kind packaging. The custom packaging was created from a printed bag that the items were sealed within in the vacuum sealer. The effect was a package that hinted at the contents, making it irresistible to the receiver, creating an impressive response rate.

We would love to find more applications for the Minipack. Let us know what ideas you have and we’ll begin the creative process. We love to experiment at SunDance. It’s the key to innovation and creating the perfect piece for your next project.

22 Jul 2014

Shimmer, Shine and Sell! A Study On Foil Packaging Results

Any product marketer understands that to make the sale, sometimes the first step is just to be seen. Eye-catching packaging can make the difference between a sale or getting left on the shelf. A recent study observed consumer responses to high-visibility effects, including embossing, specialty UV coatings, metallic finishes and foil stamping.

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