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#AskSunDance: What are our Large Format Capabilities?

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  • #AskSunDance: What are our Large Format Capabilities?
20 Aug 2021

One of the really exciting things about wide format is the incredible variety of different things, the different mediums that you can print on with wide format.

You have things like wall graphics, but you've also got something like vehicle wraps. You've got fine art applications. You've got window vinyls and decals. You've got building wraps. You've got signage applications. You've got all of these different types of substrates that you can print on. You've got 2D. You've even got some 3D capabilities that you can bring into it.

So, you get this incredible variety of different printing mediums and different ideas that you can bring into invigorating your business. It's just really exciting, and I just get very passionate about it.

-Joanna Quentin

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