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31 Aug 2021

#AskSunDance: What Flex Packaging Considerations Should I Have for My New Product?

In this #AskSunDance, our very own Christine Barrington talks about many of the flexible packaging options SunDance offers for people exploring packaging options. 

20 Aug 2021

#AskSunDance: What are our Large Format Capabilities?

One of the really exciting things about wide format is the incredible variety of different things, the different mediums that you can print on with wide format.

22 Jul 2021

#AskSunDance: What is Mail Matching & How Does it Work?

At SunDance, we have a smart inserter. So what this is going to do is, just for this example, it's going to take a letter that's got some sort of a personalization on it, and it's going to match it up to an envelope.

01 Jul 2021

#asksundance: How Do You Help Tradeshow Clients Engage with Leads?

We help our trade show attendees three ways. First of all, pre-show, we help them create customized mailing programs to reach out to their database and their prospects to invite them to the show, letting them know where their booth is. Along those lines, we also recommend not being too salesy about that, provide some useful tips about the city, where the show is taking place. For instance, provide a list of the top five steakhouse restaurants close to the trade show location, something along those lines.

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