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#asksundance: How Do You Help Tradeshow Clients Engage with Leads?

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  • #asksundance: How Do You Help Tradeshow Clients Engage with Leads?
01 Jul 2021

We help our trade show attendees three ways. First of all, pre-show, we help them create customized mailing programs to reach out to their database and their prospects to invite them to the show, letting them know where their booth is. Along those lines, we also recommend not being too salesy about that, provide some useful tips about the city, where the show is taking place. For instance, provide a list of the top five steakhouse restaurants close to the trade show location, something along those lines.

For the show itself, one of the things we provide is we help customers create their booths with graphics and things of that nature, that makes their booth welcoming and accessible to their leads coming to the trade show. The other thing that we also recommend is make it interactive for your leads as they come into the booth. The longer they stay in your booth, the more likely you will be able to get more information and provide them information as far as what they are looking for.

Make it interactive along the lines of spin the wheel to win a promotional item, maybe a raffle that you announce, that you're going to announce at a certain time of day, or even a photo booth. With a photo booth, customers love to take photographs, and they love to share them on social media. So that is just another opportunity to get your name out on social media.

And then finally, and this is the biggest one that a lot of customers fail to do is the follow-up. Follow-up, it takes a lot of time and effort to put together a show and also to attend a show. So be sure you send a handwritten thank you note out to your prospects and customers that came into your booth, thanking them for taking the time to come into your booth.

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