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Client Spotlight: Petal Honey Co.

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  • Client Spotlight: Petal Honey Co.
19 Oct 2022

SunDance works with many companies across the country, but we also pride ourselves in working with local Orlando partners. Today, we’d like to highlight Petal Honey Co., a local family-owned apiary and honey producer. Drew from Petal Honey Co. came to us with ideas for labels and Steve Kirchof flew right in to help make these ideas bloom for this honey business. Petal Honey Co. produces three kinds of honey: wildflower, orange blossom, and saw palmetto. They offer varying sizes of recyclable glass bottles of honey and also delicious whole honeycomb.

1) Tell us about your company and its mission.

Drew: Petal Honey Co. is a family-owned, Orlando-based honey business. We source “single origin” honey to local stores and restaurants. Our mission is to honor and celebrate the beauty of honey. We seek to curate and highlight the uniqueness of Florida’s floral honey. Our desire is to preserve God’s creation while caring for the well-being of bees and people.

2) Where do your bees pollinate in the area?

Drew: Most of the bees follow the seasonal blooms but stay within a 60-mile radius of Orlando. But we do have several stationary hives in the downtown area.

3) What benefits were you trying to gain with our products or services?

Drew: We sought out SunDance because of the quality of their products. We have used SunDance for all of our labels and print materials. The quality and attention to detail far surpass any other company we have come across.

4) What have you been able to achieve since using our products or services?

Drew: Because of our partnership with SunDance we have achieved a high-end product. One of our hopes is to change the perspective and culture of honey. We want to shift the perspective of honey from a “sweetener alternative” to “nature's miracle”. If we are attempting to shift consumer perspective from a “condiment option” to a “healthy staple”, we have to use high-end materials. I feel that we have achieved this because of SunDance’s designs, labels, print materials, and equipment.

5) What’s the main reason you would recommend SunDance to someone?

Drew: Quality and Service. We are super grateful for y’all! Thank you for your patience and care for our family’s business! Thanks for helping to bring our vision to life!

We thank Petal Honey Co. for choosing us to help make their products shine the way they should. And here at SunDance, we think there’s nothing sweeter than getting to work with our local businesses! 


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