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Printing on the Edge

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13 Oct 2022

Custom printed notepads are a print industry staple for a reason. They are useful, convenient, always handy and appreciated by clients, and an excellent way to put your brand advertising literally at your customers’ fingertips every day. Standard notepad printing allows for a design on the face of the pad – along with plenty of room for your customer to jot down their notes - but most people don’t think about the sides of the notepad. That’s extra print real estate ready to be utilized! We offer notepad (and by extension book) edge printing to enhance your design and capitalize on your print exposure. Best of all, as long as the minimum pad thickness is met (ideally at least ½”) we can print any design, in full color or one color, including text or images. You can even customize each notepad for individual customers.

If you’d like to learn how to maximize your print message with edge printing, reach out to your sales representative today or contact us here.

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