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CleanFlake™ Labels, Enabling the Recycling of PET Containers

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  • CleanFlake™ Labels, Enabling the Recycling of PET Containers
01 Jul 2021

Add shelf appeal to your products while supporting packaging sustainability with CleanFlake™, a labeling solution that improves PET packaging recycling. Print your packaging labels on a material that’s able to cleanly separate from PET containers without leaving behind an adhesive residue. This makes it easier to recycle PET containers, resulting in more recycled PET (rPET) material and less waste.

Discover CleanFlake™ labels to see how they differentiate brands and enable the recycling of PET containers!

Recycle More PET Packaging

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a strong, lightweight, and transparent plastic that’s used in a variety of consumer packaging. Additionally, PET offers recycling potential, providing brands the option to market their product with attractive packaging that produces less waste. Up to 100% of a PET container can be composed of rPET, with no limit to the number of times the PET material can be reused for containers.

Traditional pressure-sensitive label adhesives contaminate the plastic and hinder recyclability. That’s why CleanFlake™ labels are the perfect complement to PET packaging since they improve the recycling process and increase rPET yield.


Advantages of CleanFlake™ Labels

CleanFlake™ is a labeling solution that provides brand owners the opportunity to enhance product packaging while reducing their footprint. Take advantage of its many benefits to achieve packaging that both differentiates your brand and supports sustainability.

  • Allows for PET recycling, reducing fossil fuel usage
  • Offers creative design freedom with label artwork
  • Available in clear or white BOPP films, and now a semi-gloss paper
  • Available with rPET liner made from 30% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) content
  • Compatible with the existing value chain and recycling requirements
  • Passes the most stringent testing available from international trade associations

Now that you understand why more brands are switching to CleanFlake™ labels, let’s take a look at how the technology works.


Clean Label Separation from PET Containers

Self-adhesive labels typically limit PET recycling, particularly food containers, due to adhesive contamination. Avery Dennison’s CleanFlake™ technology overcomes this issue by enabling labels to cleanly separate from PET containers during the sink/float washing process. With no adhesive residue left behind, PET recyclability dramatically improves.

CleanFlake™ labels work with a variety of PET packaging and consumer markets such as:

  • PET bottles, jars, trays, and thermoforms
  • PET containers destined for further recycling
  • Food, beverage, personal care, household cleaning, and more
  • Labeling of pre-blown or freshly blown PET bottles

These labels work with a variety of markets and PET containers, making them an ideal labeling solution for practically any product. Available in clear films, white films, and semi-gloss paper, the design opportunities to differentiate your brand are countless!      


Elevate Your Brand with Recyclable Packaging

Move toward beautiful eco-friendly packaging by selecting labels that are compatible with the recycling process. CleanFlake™ labels give you the design flexibility of traditional self-adhesive labels, but with the bonus feature of clean label separation for enhanced PET recycling. Add shelf appeal to products with attractive labels that support PET recyclability — talk about a win/win for your brand and the environment!

Call 407-734-7444 or submit a quote request to explore CleanFlake™ labeling solutions for your brand!

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