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Take your Direct Mail Campaign to the Next Level

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24 Jun 2021

Direct Mail is more effective than ever! During 2020’s insane ride through quarantine, isolation, and the sheer desire for outside contact, direct mail has increased. Over the past decade marketing has become a sophisticated multi-channeled approach to reach clients by using direct mail, media and digital. But with the recent events and quarantines corporations realized the need for a more tactile experience with their clients stranded at home. Direct mail is always been a very effective way of communicating with a trackable response rate whether being by incentive offer, redirect to the web or scannable QR/bar codes. 

“Since 73% of American consumers say that they prefer direct mail because they can read it whenever and wherever they want, make sure you are sending them something that is of interest to them. We live in an interconnected world; your customers expect you to communicate with them through the various channels they use. The companies that do this effectively see the best results. When you use campaigns that include both digital and direct mail, you on average receive 39% more attention than a digital-only campaign. Research shows messages delivered via direct mail can be powerfully motivating with 92% of people driven to digital activity and 87% influenced to make an online purchase.”


The United States Post Office is a marketers ally, making sure that every year they come up with a group of incentives to make direct mail more cost effective. This year’s incentives are focusing on the multi-channeled and tactile approaches to reaching consumers. Incorporating certain specifications into your direct mail campaigns can allow you to cash in on many discounts. 

USPS Promotions and Incentives

Here at SunDance, we have full arsenal of software, equipment and SMEs to assist in developing your next direct mail campaign. Additionally, with our latest purchase of the DS-1200 G4i Folder Inserter from Quadient, we are able to enhance our existing offering and increase speed for our match mailing customers.

Contact us today to request a quote or call us 407-734-7444 to take your direct mail campaign to the next level! 


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