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Shine BRIGHT with DayGlo Fluorescent Inks

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  • Shine BRIGHT with DayGlo Fluorescent Inks
03 Aug 2021

DayGlo fluorescent inks are making things brighter, bolder and cooler! SunDance is excited to add DayGlo fluorescent inks to the line of products to help brands shine LOUDER and BRIGHTER.

What makes fluorescent inks so bright?

Fluorescent inks have special pigments to absorb light outside of the visible spectrum and reemit them as light the human eye can see. Normal colors reflect a maximum of 90% of the available light as their color. On the other hand, fluorescent colors can reflect up to 300%- making them appear much brighter.

What are the benefits of fluorescent inks?

DayGlo fluorescent inks improve and enhance any color, from subtle specialty effects, to glow-in-the-dark pigments, to reactive fluorescents under black lights. Fluorescent ink allows prints to look vivid and alive. They present an opportunity for companies to offer unique designs to stand out and make a lasting impression.

These inks create a “wow” factor and surely grabs customers’ attention. Companies like yours are always looking for ways to impress customers and remain competitive... and we have your solution.

Our fluorescent inks can be used in products such as postcards, business cards, posters, packaging, catalogs, or any product that can benefit from rich, vivid and dramatic look.

Make your next marketing collateral shine BRIGHT with DayGlo inks. Contact us today to request a quote or call us 407-734-7444 to learn more!

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