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01 Mar 2022

SunDance - Looking Ahead Through 2022

There is no doubt the past couple of years have presented challenges many have never experienced before. It is during times like these we naturally turn to self-reflection and examine our – and our company's - place in the scheme of things. Throughout the past two years, SunDance has remained open as an essential business and committed to our core purpose of existing to solve problems for our clients, employees, and partners, and continuing to live up to our core values every day. We're still facing unprecedented challenges as we look ahead this year and remain committed to our core value of "doing whatever it takes to get the job done".

25 Feb 2022

Team Building and Tee Time!

The SunDance family enjoyed a little R&R at Orlando’s Top Golf driving range yesterday. After a brief introduction and company update, everyone enjoyed delicious appetizers, great conversations, and an open bar. Then it was out to the driving range for a Top Golf team tournament! Whether an avid golfer or a total newbie, SunDance employees all enjoyed a few hours of team building, getting to know each other better, and friendly competition. Food, friends, and Florida sunshine on a golf course – what’s not to love?

15 Feb 2022

One of Our Core Values: Sustainability

One planet, finite resources.  Our founders have a strong commitment and connection to the natural world, and this belief carries through to our company practices.  SunDance has long been a leader in sustainability and environmentally responsible printing practices.  Our passion begins at the top with our company owner and Chairman of the Board, John Ruggieri, and his longstanding advocacy for the environment. The Ruggieri family are dedicated to championing a cleaner, greener print production facility, and SunDance delivers on many levels.

02 Feb 2022

Custom Mylar Bags: Top 7 Things to Know Before you Buy

Filling Process

The first step when considering buying a custom printed pouch (aka mylar bag) is to determine how your product is going to be filled into it. Small businesses, or even larger brands launching new products, typically will do shorter runs and complete the filling process by hand, by putting the product in the pouch and heat sealing it shut with a hand-held or semi-automated machine.

27 Jan 2022

Flexible Packaging vs Traditional Packaging: 3 Reasons Why Flex Pack Wins [+Free Cheat Sheet]

SunDance’s core purpose is “to solve problems for our clients, partners and team members.” Our commitment to this single purpose challenges us daily to find new and innovative ways to solve a multitude of problems. Recently, we have made the necessary investments to offer a new print solution - digital print flexible packaging. Digital print flexible packaging is one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging market and provides many benefits for businesses over conventional (rigid) packaging design. With a projected compound annual growth rate of 4.7% by 20221, flexible packaging is here to stay, and brand owners have taken notice.

27 Jan 2022

Flexible Packaging Cheat Sheet

Our digitally printed flexible packaging is available in a variety of films, structures and finishes to help brands of all sizes have unique packaging that stands out from the competition. Our cutting edge in-house technology allows for greater flexibility and customization.

18 Nov 2021

SunDance Wins Florida's Best Printer Award for the Second Year!

We did it again! Our innovative print solutions were recently distinguished at the Florida Print Awards 2021 with the highest honor, Florida’s BEST Printer- Golden Flamingo Award. This is the second consecutive year we have received this prestigious award, solidifying our place as an industry leader.

08 Oct 2021

PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an effective method for bringing immediate traffic to your website. Using PPC, we can deliver highly tailored and specific paid advertisements to your potential customer pool.

01 Oct 2021

Workplace CPR Training

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. When those unexpected occasions happen, the fate of the team member suffering from a health concern will depend on the steps taken seconds after the incident. To prepare for those worst-case scenarios, SunDance provided its employees cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, better known as CPR.

28 Sep 2021

Commercial Book & Magazine Printing

At SunDance, we don’t just have a single book type option to choose from. With our extensive printing machinery and experience, we can produce almost any kind of book on the market today. From standard paperback sizes to magazines with custom bindings or dye cuts, we can design and create the perfect book for you.

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