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Workplace CPR Training

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01 Oct 2021

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. When those unexpected occasions happen, the fate of the team member suffering from a health concern will depend on the steps taken seconds after the incident. To prepare for those worst-case scenarios, SunDance provided its employees cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, better known as CPR.

At SunDance, our priority is to keep our team members safe. By providing this training, SunDance wants its team members to feel proud and happy knowing their co-workers are capable of helping those around them in times of emergency. There are many reasons why CPR training is important- below are such a few:

  • It Saves Lives
  • Equips Team Members with Something Essential and Applicable Anywhere
  • It Lessens Potential Serious Health Risks and Accidents
  • Improves Sense of Relief Knowing Team Members are Capable of Performing CPR
  • Promotes Company Culture and Empathy

We value our team members, and are so thankful for our workforce. We hope the need to use CPR never arises, however, we are pleased to know our team members will be prepared and know there is someone nearby who can perform potentially lifesaving first aid.

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