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The Reasons Your Company Should Migrate from Container to Pouch

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  • The Reasons Your Company Should Migrate from Container to Pouch
24 Aug 2020

Did you know Stand-up (SUP) Pouches, a flexible packaging product, are projected to grow at a rate of 6-6.5% per year to 2022? Stand-up Pouches are an ideal solution for many types of products, including food and beverages, pet food, natural and organic products, and sports and nutrition products. Get a head start on your competition and begin your container-to-pouch migration with the help of SunDance today!

SUP Advantages

Thousands of companies are switching to stand-up pouches to better promote, protect, and drive sales. Stand-up Pouches offer multiple benefits from production to purchase. Advantages of Stand-up pouches include:

  • Reduces production and shipping cost (23% lighter then rigid packaging)
  • Prolongs shelf life and increases shelf space
  • Reduces waste (60% less plastic)
  • Promotes re-usability, portability and overall consumer convenience
  • Increases visual appeal and perceived value

Trends are Driving Change

It is vital for you and your company to adapt to changing times and trends. If companies do not adapt, the competitive edge they offer to their customers would likely be gone. Stand-up Pouches is a trend is that here to stay and one you cannot afford to miss out on.

Source: HP, Inc.

Opportunities for Growth

Get a jump on your competitors and claim a nice big share of the explosive growth that’s just around the bend. Let SunDance guide you through the container-to-pouch migration process. Request a quote if you want to explore your flexible packaging options further and learn about the benefits it can bring to your business.

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