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12 May 2016


There are many sources of inspiration for your marketing communications and promotional materials. We think our sample kit will be one of your preferred inspirational choices! It includes a wide range of substrate ideas, from our house stocks for offset and digital printing to Coroplast, Gator Board and Backlits for all of your sign & display graphics needs, all printed with brilliant images that show off the effects you can achieve.

27 Apr 2016

Heidelberg and SunDance Partner for Comprehensive Consulting Workshop

SunDance recognizes the value of continuous improvement and how it directly benefits their customers. Heidelberg conducted an onsite comprehensive workshop with senior management to access where SunDance could improve and begin to measure their success thru benchmarking and gaining efficiencies. “We are using these key findings to drive sales and operational initiatives in 2016. We’ve already noticed valuable increases in efficiency and stats continue to improve month by month,” explains JohnHenry Ruggieri, Managing Partner. Improvements like these ensure jobs at SunDance are produced at the highest quality in a quick timeframe and translates to happy customers.

View the entire press release on Heidelberg USA's site.

14 Jan 2016

Stand out from the competition with our new laser cutting and engraving services

Commercial printing is evolving more rapidly than ever before.  Successful direct marketing materials and customer-facing print collateral must start with a concept, and of course, the people who dream it up.  For the concept to come to life, one must possess the right tools for the job.  In this industry, those tools exist because of a revolutionary level of engineering.  Our incredible laser cutter/engraver is a one of those tools – a machine that must truly be seen to be believed

06 Jan 2016

SunDance Foil Brochure

This handy Foil Brochure is a great visual aid when trying to pick just the right foil to add the finishing touches to your project. All of these foils are in stock and ready to go at SunDance.

09 Oct 2015

Wide Format - Not Just a Big Idea but a Big Solution

Great Marketers know that their target audience dictates their target message. If a big response rate is expected, it’s big ideas that satisfy… Wide Format printing isn’t just a big idea, it’s a big solution! It’s sticky marketing, marketing that people remember – it can’t be crumpled up and thrown away. We see it on billboards, walls, community events, in the sky…

12 Aug 2015

Video - SunDance Continues Awards Streak

At SunDance, we love bold and unique print ideas. Our formula is simple really: We truly care about our client's needs and provide the tools for them to succeed. Taking creative risks is what gets brands noticed, so naturally, it's what we do!

For the past few years, prestigious organizations in our industry have consistently recognized us for just that – creative excellence. Since then, we've been incredibly busy and this year was no exception.

05 Aug 2015

SunDance Wins 45 Florida Print Awards!

SunDance Marketing Solutions of Orlando, FL, was a huge winner in the 28th annual Florida Print Awards. The Printing Association of Florida (PAF) presented the awards to elite Florida-based printers, graphic arts companies and schools during a banquet held July 31st, 2015 at the Hilton Orlando Resort on International Drive.

06 May 2015

Fulfillment: More Than Just a Synonym for Satisfaction

When our clients need higher-level thinking, we get creative; when they need higher-level productivity, we roll up our sleeves! Every day at SunDance, our fulfillment team is increasing innovation AND efficiency to streamline our clients’ marketing efforts. Yes, fulfillment is more than just a synonym for satisfaction... so, how can it move your business forward?

05 Feb 2015

SunDance Marketing Solutions Positions Itself for Growth with Speedmaster CD 102 with X-Package from Heidelberg

When SunDance Marketing Solutions, Orlando, Fla. placed an order for Heidelberg’s new and improved Speedmaster CD 102 with X-Package last fall, the company anticipated the arrival of the new press with a very specific set of expectations.

At the time, Director of Operations JohnHenry Ruggieri said, the company looked forward to achieving an extremely favorable price-to-performance ratio, based on the CD 102’s ability to handle substrates from 50-lb. stock to 24-pt. board, press-side color management via Prinect Image Control, as well as to highly automated press components, such as Heidelberg’s Preset Plus Delivery. Overall, SunDance expected to get more work done in less time, at a consistently high level of quality.

“We now are able to pass on the price savings from which we benefit to our clients in the form of fewer makeready sheets, less time on press for each job, as well as faster press and quality checks.” The eco-friendly, energy-efficient CD 102 also fits right in with SunDance’s sustainability policy and commitment to green production, extending its benefits beyond the company and its clients.

27 Jan 2015

SunDance Takes the Edge off of Full-Bleed Printing

Digital marketing is growing, exponentially. Potential customers can now be reached with the click of a button. Yet, there remains a powerful tool that marketing mavens won’t soon forget… first class mail. Research has consistently pointed to mail as one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies. An envelope can develop a brand, put it in front of a targeted demographic, and of course, deliver a personalized message.

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