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SunDance Team Building Event at WhirlyDome is a Slam Dunk

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  • SunDance Team Building Event at WhirlyDome is a Slam Dunk
16 Oct 2019

For SunDance’s latest team building event, we wanted to do something a little outside-the-box...which turned out to be, inside-the-hole instead. WhirlyDome, an entertainment complex located in the heart of International Drive in Orlando, Florida, was where SunDance had our very own WhirlyBall tournament! This fun, fast-paced mechanized sport was the perfect activity to ignite some friendly competition and bring our team closer together.

But First...What is ‘WhirlyBall’?

WhirlyBall is a team sport that combines elements of basketball and jai alai while driving around in special bumper cars known as ‘WhirlyBugs.’ Played five-on-five, each player is equipped with a plastic scoop to catch and toss a softball-sized wiffle ball while simultaneously steering the WhirlyBug with the other hand.

Benefits of Team Building Events

Shared experiences bring people together and also create and strengthen bonds. When employees have fun and work together at a team building event, they get to feel part of something bigger than themselves. There are a variety of benefits of team building events such as:

  • Build trust among co-workers
  • Boost company morale
  • Introduce employees to new people
  • Increase confidence in one’s self and in others
  • Improve communication
  • Uncover leadership qualities
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a sense of team spirit
  • Encourage creativity

We’ve found team building events to be a great way to build better workplace relationships that have a positive impact on the company. However, it’s not strictly about the bottom line at SunDance.

Thank You to Our Team

While team building events help bring employees together in a fun environment and increase productivity when they return to work, there is another important reason why SunDance has them - we want to show appreciation to our awesome team! After all, without them, we wouldn’t be the company that we are today. When we show that we care about them, they reflect that back to other team members and our customers. That’s why at SunDance, we try to do a team building event at least once a year to ensure our team feels appreciated and stays tight-knit, no matter how much we grow.


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