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SunDance Paw-sitive Impact: Donation Drive and Pet Pantry Event with Pet Alliance Orlando

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  • SunDance Paw-sitive Impact: Donation Drive and Pet Pantry Event with Pet Alliance Orlando
02 Oct 2023

In honor of office dogs Juana and Jolly, the VIPs – Very Important Pets –of our SunDance family, our team wanted to combine our love for four-legged family members with our SGP community initiative program. Our animal-loving employees banded together to help furry friends in our community by organizing a pet food and supplies drive. After our donation drive concluded, our team members participated in a community Pet Food Pantry event at Pet Alliance's Sanford Shelter.

SunDance Delivers Donations & Volunteers for Pet Alliance

After a successful food drive last winter in support of Second Harvest Food Bank, the SunDance Sustainability Committee decided to expand on the idea after learning how many people struggle to keep their pets during times of food insecurity. This summer, members of the SunDance team collected various pet supplies, including wet and dry dog and cat food, treats, special puppy and kitten food, and other animal necessities to donate to charity. We then partnered with Pet Alliance Orlando, a local non-profit, no-kill shelter, to volunteer at their biweekly Pet Food Pantry and drop off all donations collected.

Our team assisted the hardworking shelter employees and dedicated volunteers in dispensing pet food and treats to people within our Central Florida community for their furry family members. As community members arrived at the front of the event line, the event team engaged with them to identify what items were needed to support the family. We were delighted to have helped over 70 families secure much-needed food for their pets!

SunDance Team at Pet Alliance Event

Member of the SunDance Team at Pet Alliance's Pet Pantry event.

SunDance Team at Pet Alliance Event
Volunteers and staff assisting at Pet Alliance's Pet Pantry event.
Pet Food Donation

Pet Alliance's Pet Pantry provides food to community members in need. 

Pet Alliance Event Donations

Some of the items donated through SunDance's Pet Food Drive.

More Volunteer Opportunities with Pet Alliance

More Volunteer Opportunities with Pet Alliance!


Once the event was finished, our team was given a tour of the facility and education on all of the work that Pet Alliance is doing for our community. All of the puppy pets, kitty kisses, and community engagement made the morning of volunteering more than worthwhile. We look forward to continuing to support the Pet Alliance and other local charities as they continue to lift our community members in need.

To learn about SunDance's SGP Initiative and Sustainability Practices, click here!


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