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Sustainable Printing: Introducing SunDance's Radiance EcoBoard

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  • Sustainable Printing: Introducing SunDance's Radiance EcoBoard
29 Mar 2024

SunDance is thrilled to unveil our latest solution, Radiance EcoBoard, designed to elevate sustainability and provide eco-conscious options for wide-format signage and tradeshow displays. For far too long, the choices for rigid portable signage have been limited to polystyrene or ¼" PVC – materials that, despite their convenience and lightweight nature, ultimately end up in landfills, unable to be recycled. And, if the item is being used for shop signage, such as a trade show or other temporary installation, the material may only be used for hours before being discarded in the trash, potentially lasting for hundreds of years in a landfill. At SunDance, we continually seek new ways to innovate and provide more sustainable solutions to the market. Radiance EcoBoard is an outstanding illustration of this commitment.

What is Polystyrene?

Polystyrene is a versatile synthetic polymer derived from styrene, a petroleum compound. It is extensively used in a wide range of industries due to its affordability, lightweight properties, and adaptability. Polystyrene is commonly known in its expanded form as Styrofoam and finds applications in packaging, insulation, disposable cups and containers, and the production of signage and display materials. In large-format printing, polystyrene or ¼" PVC is commonly used for tradeshows, conventions, brand events, and retail spaces.

Despite its widespread use, polystyrene presents significant environmental challenges. It is non-biodegradable and can persist in the environment for hundreds of years, contributing to pollution and posing a threat to wildlife. Additionally, the production and disposal of polystyrene can release harmful chemicals into the air and water, increasing risks to human health and the environment.

Radiance EcoBoard Signage (2)Polystyrene is frequently used in retail spaces for window displays and promotional signage. After a season or promotion has ended, this signage is sent to landfills.

As awareness of polystyrene's environmental impact grows, there is an increasing demand for sustainable alternatives in industries such as printing and signage. SunDance recognizes the importance of addressing these concerns and is proud to offer Radiance EcoBoard as a greener alternative to traditional polystyrene-based substrates.

Reduce Plastic with Radiance EcoBoard

SunDance's Radiance EcoBoard is a breath of fresh air in the wide format signage market. This revolutionary fiber-based board is 100% recyclable in mixed-use curbside recycling bins, which means every piece of signage created can be disposed of in the standard green recycling bin. Even though Radiance EcoBoard is 100% fiber-based, it is strong and rigid enough for the same type of stand-up display and 3D displays typically created with styrene or foamcore. Furthermore, thanks to a unique coating on both sides of the board surface, Radiance EcoBoard is wonderfully receptive to inks and allows for rich, saturated colors, sharp, crisp text, and deep, velvety blacks without the mottling or dullness seen in other recycled paper options on the market. 

Radiance EcoBoard Signage (1)Tradeshows require a variety of short-term signage for both vendors and event organizers. After the event, Radiance EcoBoard can be disposed of in convention center recycling.

We are proud to offer SunDance's Radiance EcoBoard in two weights – 020 and 040. With these two options, SunDance Radiance EcoBoard has you covered for just about any of your short-, medium-, or long-term indoor rigid signage needs while providing a revolutionary eco-friendly option.

SunDance is Your Sustainable Wide-Format Printing Partner

One of SunDance's Core Values is "Live Sustainability." We embody this principle in our daily operations by implementing environmentally conscious practices, such as reducing waste, recycling materials, and using a variety of sustainable substrates. By choosing Radiance EcoBoard over polystyrene-based materials for wide-format signage, businesses can reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. In addition to Radiance EcoBoard, SunDance offers a variety of sustainable substrates to meet our customer's varying needs, including FSC-certified, recyclable, and even compostable options.

Ready to Start Your Next Sustainable Printing Project? Contact Us Today! 

Joanna Quentin

Joanna Quentin

As a successful working artist, Joanna brings a unique perspective to every customer’s printing project. With over twenty years in the fine art and wide format printing industry and plenty of hands-on experience, she understands attention to detail, quality materials, and a dash of creativity is key in producing a piece that you are proud to stand behind. Her commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to explore “outside the box” solutions to difficult or unusual printing requests make her a welcome addition to the SunDance team.

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