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Sustainable Printing: SunDance's 2023 SGP Summary

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  • Sustainable Printing: SunDance's 2023 SGP Summary
26 Feb 2024

At SunDance, we are committed to protecting the environment and take our role as a sustainable print and packaging manufacturer very seriously. Every year, we aim to be more sustainable than the last, and 2023 was no exception. As the first SGP-certified Offset Printer in Florida, we are proud to continuously implement sustainable solutions for environmentally efficient manufacturing processes. In accordance with SGP standards, we undertake an annual continuous improvement project or projects to show our commitment to sustainable practices.

In the past, we have coordinated community blood drives, reduced waste, organized back-to-school donations, and found new ways to implement sustainability into our everyday practices. Our Continuous Improvement Projects (CIP) for 2023 focused on supporting our community, educating our peers, and reducing waste that enters landfills. Here's a rundown of our CIPs for 2023 and a preview of what we're planning for 2024. 

Community Support with Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

We are always looking for ways to be involved in our community and support our neighbors in need. One of our CIPs for 2023 was organizing a pet supply donation drive in support of the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Our team members donated animal care and food items throughout June, July, and August. Items such as cat and dog food, purified water, toys, and cleaning supplies were collected during the donation drive window.

Once our donation drive concluded, a group from SunDance dropped off the items at the Sanford Shelter and participated in a Pet Pantry Drive-Up Event. Local community members in need visited the Sanford Shelter to collect free food items for their pets. Our team helped over 70 families secure much-needed food for their pets during the Pet Pantry Event.

Educating and Engaging Our Peers at Dscoop's Eco Summit

On August 23rd and 24th, we participated in the first Eco Summit hosted by Dscoop at Top Golf Orlando. This event centered on sustainability and sharing environmental best practices with our peers in the digital printing industry. Members of our team attended the event to share information and learn from other industry professionals. 

Dscoop Eco Summit: Attendee Group Photo
Dscoop Eco Summit: Attendee Group Photo (photo credit: Siana Wenzel)
Dscoop Eco Summit: Day 1 Attendees
Dscoop Eco Summit: Day 1 Attendees (photo credit: Siana Wenzel)
Dscoop Eco Summit: SunDance Q&A Panel
Dscoop Eco Summit: SunDance Q&A Panel (photo credit: Siana Wenzel)
Dscoop Eco Summit: SunDance Facility Tour
Dscoop Eco Summit: SunDance Facility Tour (photo credit: Siana Wenzel)

In addition to attending the Eco Summit, SunDance President JohnHenry Ruggieri and Marketing Manager Marissa Miller participated in a Q&A Panel on SunDance's journey toward sustainability. During the panel, they discussed becoming Florida's first Sustainable Green Printer, how SunDance maintains its SGP certification, and how the SunDance Sustainability Committee develops new initiatives. After the Q&A Panel, the Eco Summit attendees took a shuttle bus to SunDance's headquarters to tour the production facility and see firsthand how SunDance implements sustainability in our manufacturing. 

Reducing Waste Entering Landfills 

In 2021, SunDance partnered with NuCycle Energy in an effort to divert waste from entering landfills and instead convert waste into alternative energy sources. NuCycle Energy takes a variety of material wastes common in our manufacturing practice and converts them into EcoBricks, which are then used as a source of energy to replace fossil fuels. Items such as pallets and film cores can be shredded and combined with other materials to create NuCycle's EcoBricks.

Sundance-NCE - Sustainability Certificate 2023 (1)

Our mission for 2023 was to double the amount of waste from the year prior that we diverted from entering landfills. In 2022, we diverted over 52 tons of waste from being sent to landfills. Not only did we reach our goal in 2023, but we exceeded it! This past year, SunDance was able to stop almost 130 tons, or over 250,000 pounds, of waste from being sent to a landfill. The waste we diverted was converted into EcoBricks, reducing the need for fossil fuels.

Looking to the Future in 2024

In 2024, we plan to continue the actions set forth from years prior. Our Sustainability Committee meets every month to organize initiatives and collaborate on our Continuous Improvement Projects. This year, we are looking to organize a community cleanup event, plant a pollinator garden at our headquarters, and continue to educate our community on living more sustainably. 

If you are searching for a print and packaging manufacturer who cares about sustainability, contact us today!

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Marissa Miller

Marissa Miller

Marissa is an Orlando native, bringing over ten years of experience in sales and marketing to the SunDance team. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and Valencia College, receiving a BSBA in Marketing and a Technical Certificate in Graphic Design. As SunDance's Inside Sales and Marketing Manager, she supports sales and marketing initiatives.

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