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18 May 2014

SunDance Marketing Solutions Increases Finishing Capabilities with New Duplo Machine

SunDance Marketing Solutions, a full-service Orlando marketing and printing company, is thrilled to announce the purchase of a Duplo DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser/Folder. The new machine allows for efficient, precise and flexible finishing for digital color documents.

The new DC-646 will take the place of folders and guillotine cutters. With the Integrated Folding System, the DC-646 can perform slitting, cutting, creasing and folding capabilities in a single pass. While the manual operators at SunDance have always been committed to excellence and perfection, the automation and precision of the Duplo DC-646 is like a shortcut to unparalleled accuracy. Projects like business cards, slit-score greeting cards, micro-perforated coupons, direct mailers with tear-away cards and more can be produced quickly in-house - and with great cost savings. “What previously might have taken us days or hours can now be produced in minutes,” says Director of Operations JohnHenry Ruggieri. “We are incredibly excited to be able to improve our accuracy and turnaround time while decreasing costs for our clients.”

SunDance works closely with many Fortune 500 and medium-sized companies to produce online ordering systems for folded business cards, small brochures and other print products that may need to be ordered on a recurring basis. With the new DC-646, print runs become faster and more accurate, even further removing the headache often caused by complicated print ordering. And for projects that might require a reorder in the future, the machine also features a CCD scanner, allowing it to scan a barcode, recall any job stored in memory, then set up the job identical to the previous run.

20 Aug 2013

SunDance Marketing Solutions Adds Valuable In-House Mailing Services

SunDance Marketing Solutions, an Orlando-based commercial printer and marketing services provider, has announced the availability of new mailing services with their recent addition of new warehouse space and mail automation equipment. “Processing mass-mailing projects at the same facility you print them can prevent transit delays and provide significant shipping savings,” says JohnHenry Ruggieri, Director of Operations at SunDance Marketing Solutions. “We are incredibly happy to continue expanding our services.” With the addition of these new mailing capabilities, printed mailing pieces can now be designed, printed and mailed all from one location.

Brand new, high-end mailing automation equipment also helps to eliminate errors in processing and insertion. A new inserting machine, the Buhrs BB300 owned by W+D North America, for example, features an Intelligent Control System that helps to eliminate any faults caused by missed or double inserts. Not only are these machines less error-prone than human processing, they are also fast, processing tens of thousands of pieces per hour. The new warehouse space also includes a Kirk-Rudy Inkjet-Tabbing System (which gives clients the ability to produce effective and interactive scratch-off sections for mailers) and a Fugitive Glue Machine.

“Adding on these services is also incredibly important to our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability,” says Ruggieri. As the first certified offset Sustainable Green Printer in the state of Florida, SunDance has constantly strived to be at the cutting edge of environmental policy. By offering customers the opportunity to print and ship from the same facility, SunDance can be a partner in helping to offset carbon emissions and to make the most responsible environmental decisions.

Knowledgeable mail services personnel are on hand to choose the most appropriate, efficient and budget-friendly mailing options for each project, including 3-dimensional or uniquely shaped mailers. They also take advantage of powerful automation software, which can verify addresses and bar coding to ensure complete mailing accuracy.

Direct mail still produces fantastic response rates, and variable data printing can improve responses by significant and measurable numbers. SunDance’s revolutionary HP Indigo printer allows for personalized messaging, pictures and offers, and making quality one-on-one connections via direct mail is easier than ever. “Our goal is to produce a beautiful, effective and memorable campaign that is produced on-time and on-budget,” says Ruggieri, “and our new mailing services are the perfect way to help those pieces cross the finish line.”

14 Jun 2013

SunDance Marketing Solutions Acquires PostPrint Solutions Finishing Assets

SunDance Marketing Solutions is thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of all assets of PostPrint Solutions (formerly Walker Foil). The acquisition adds valuable high-quality finishing equipment to SunDance, allowing them to offer die cutting, embossing and foil stamping on a sheet up to 28x40, high-speed folding with in line hot and cold glue, onsertering and inserting with fugitive glue, single and double sided laminating, high speed coil and wiro-binding and a myriad of other capabilities.

“Whether you are looking for professional and sleek or modern and innovative, the true wow factor is in the finishing,” said Partner Brad Taylor. “Packaging, folders, menus, invitations - they’re taken to another level with our new finishing potential.” JohnHenry Ruggieri, Director of Operations, echoed his excitement. “We are incredibly excited to expand our in-house offerings,” said Ruggieri. “Doing more in-house means SunDance controls the quality, the price and the turnaround, saving our clients time and money while creating better results.”

The acquisition was officially announced at the SunDance Open House BBQ, where marketing professionals joined expert speakers and vendors to explore the immersive world of printing and the equally enthralling world of delicious barbecue.

22 Mar 2013

SunDance Produces National Award-Winning Sales Collateral For Orlando Magic

SunDance Marketing Solutions today announced that the Season Ticket Package it produced for the Orlando Magic won the 2013 NSF ADchievement Award for Best Sales Collateral. The ADchievement Awards recognize the best sports-themed advertising in all major North American sports.

For the 2013 awards, more than 200 entries from the sports industry were submitted for consideration. Submissions came from teams representing MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA, and minor leagues, as well as motorsports, agencies, and private corporations. Finalists and winners in each category were determined by an independent panel of advertising experts.

“We are very excited to help contribute to the Orlando Magic’s success,” stated Brad Taylor, a Partner of SunDance Marketing Solutions. “Their collateral design was catchy and unique and our team is honored to have helped in the process of creating an award winning piece.”

Roman Vega, Vice President Brand Management for the Orlando Magic added, “The outstanding work done by SunDance Marketing Solutions was essential to the success of our 2012-13 Season Ticket True Blue Passport collateral. From initial concept to production and finishing, their team went above and beyond to make every detail of these pieces excellent and we truly appreciate their collaboration.”

19 Nov 2010

Darden Restaurants Joins SunDance to Plant a Tree at Turkey Lake Park

SunDance Marketing Solutions announced today that they partnered with Darden Restaurants, Inc. and the City of Orlando’s Green-Up Orlando program to plant a tree in Turkey Lake Park. As part of SunDance’s ongoing sustainability effort, they offer clients the opportunity to join together and plant a tree in the Orlando community. SunDance’s aspiration is to create a cooler and greener future for the City of Orlando’s Urban Forest and Florida State Forests.

“Our goal is to promote and foster a culture of sustainability not only within our own company but also with our clients and partners,” says Brad Taylor, Partner. “We’re thrilled that Darden joined us and planted their tree at Turkey Lake,” added Claire Fournier, Partner. “It’s a pleasure to work with such a forward thinking and environmentally engaged client.”

11 Aug 2009

SunDance Wins 23 Awards at PAF Awards

The annual Printing Association of Florida print award ceremony was held Saturday night, and SunDance had one second place winner and 22 first place winners.

SunDance won three trophies, one for BEST IN SHOW, Division One (for printing companies with less than 20 employees), one for MOST CREATIVE USE OF PAPER, and BEST ART REPRODUCTION.

In addition to the state-wide awards, SunDance also won two of the three “Bennys" awarded in the state of Florida. The Benny award is named after Benjamin Franklin and is “awarded to the most outstanding entry in each category". To win, an entry must be "flawless.” The Benny is a national award chosen from some 5000 entries.

The owners of SunDance wish to say "thank you" to all our clients and our valuable employees for a job well done!

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