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SunDance Takes the Edge off of Full-Bleed Printing

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  • SunDance Takes the Edge off of Full-Bleed Printing
27 Jan 2015

Digital marketing is growing, exponentially. Potential customers can now be reached with the click of a button. Yet, there remains a powerful tool that marketing mavens won’t soon forget… first class mail. Research has consistently pointed to mail as one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies. An envelope can develop a brand, put it in front of a targeted demographic, and of course, deliver a personalized message.

Our full in-house mailing department ensures that envelopes of all shapes, sizes and colors are accurate, ready to be mailed, and perhaps most importantly, secure! Naturally, we’ve equipped our team with superior technology since the day we shipped our very first envelope. It’s no surprise that we’ve just acquired a brand new envelope machine. Getting excited about print is what we do, but what’s so exciting about a machine that runs envelopes?
Let’s start with speed; the definitive must-have for any mail campaign. With the capacity to print up to 7500 envelopes an hour, our new machine boasts superior efficiency – a luxury that yields incredible turnaround times for our clients. But if speed increases, do we sacrifice quality? Absolutely not…

Quality is non-negotiable. We now have the resources to run digital 4-color process on envelopes at resolutions up to 1600 X 1600 dpi. Envelope formats range from A2 to 9x12. New FULL bleed capability and highly consistent color conversion equate to superior color matching that isn’t just an option, but a guarantee!

Perhaps our favorite benefit to the new envelope machine is the shift from toner to water-based ink. Water-based ink eliminates smearing, reactivating of ink that can ruin an image, and best of all, it’s eco-friendly. A cutting-edge envelope machine that promotes sustainability? Count us in!

We could not be happier with our newest addition to the production house here at Sundance. Today, we’re doing more mailing than ever before – our new envelope machine is going to be very busy. So, our question is… What are you mailing next?

Tom Atkinson

Tom Atkinson

A graduate from Kent State University, Tom headed toward Florida’s warm weather and took over strategic sales and marketing content for SunDance.

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