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Stand out from the competition with our new laser cutting and engraving services

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  • Stand out from the competition with our new laser cutting and engraving services
14 Jan 2016

Commercial printing is evolving more rapidly than ever before.  Successful direct marketing materials and customer-facing print collateral must start with a concept, and of course, the people who dream it up.  For the concept to come to life, one must possess the right tools for the job.  In this industry, those tools exist because of a revolutionary level of engineering.  Our incredible laser cutter/engraver is a one of those tools – a machine that must truly be seen to be believed

Just a few years ago, the average person could only imagine a functional laser in scenes from a sci-fi movie or behind closed doors in a government laboratory.  Fast-forward to 2014, and sitting on our production floor, a few program functions away from cutting the most intricate pattern a designer could imagine, is our very own laser.

The Laser Cutter/Engraver does just what the name suggests: cuts and engraves beautiful patterns and variations on a level of precision that the steadiest human hand in the world could only dream to achieve.  With a workspace 51” wide x 35” deep x 8” up & down, the laser has plenty of room to amaze.  The Rotary accessory makes the machine even more dynamic allowing for cutting/engraving of cylindrical and rounded shapes.

So what exactly goes underneath the laser?  Well, our production team wasn’t satisfied just reading the How-to manual… rather, we tested a long list of potential materials to ensure when our clients ask for something unique, we can deliver.  The result was astounding!  The machine can cut foam board, mixed fibers, cotton fabric, rubber, leather, cardboard, leather, cork and various wood surfaces.  It even handles synthetic leather, plastic, and acrylic.  Engraving is available on glass, crystal, ceramics, marble, onyx, tiles, and even metal.  Whether it’s a simple logo, or an intricate pattern as detailed as the Eifel Tower, the laser cutter is equipped to produce stunning results.

Our laser offers an ultramodern and impressively accurate approach to design… and oh yeah, it’s fast!  Once again, we’ve gone above and beyond at Sundance Marketing Solutions – offering our clients the opportunity to “etch” an immediate and lasting impression on their customers.  

Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor

Brad has an MBA from the Crummer Graduate School at Rollins College and possesses an innate discipline allowing him to easily develop best practices in manufacturing and creative development, all benefiting clients and their bottom lines. A 1995 graduate of Marquette University, his Midwestern values and tireless work ethic integrate into every interaction he has both internally and externally.

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