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Sundance Marketing Solutions adds uv coating services to production department

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  • Sundance Marketing Solutions adds uv coating services to production department
14 Oct 2014

In the ever-changing commercial printing game, we have to be sharp –

ALWAYS thinking for our clients. Digital printing has created a breakthrough of on-demand solutions that allow us to focus on ensuring our clients get noticed. A dash of something unique on a common postcard can strike a potential customer, effectively engaging them in the content. Our Off-Line UV Coater is allowing us to break our customers away from average printing. So long mundane marketing materials…

Our UV Coater uses ultraviolet light that instantly cures the varnish on the paper and creates a lustrous finish. The lightning-fast UV process produces stunning results: intensified color vibrancy and a sleek shine or matte finish that doubles as a protective layer. Not all “prints” hang on the wall in a frame; for items that are continually shuffled from hand to hand like business cards, mailers and brochures, a little protection goes a long way!

But what if you just want to decorate a specific section of your printed piece. Perhaps you’re seeking emphasis for a logo or even a texture? Spot-Coating is your solution! Our coater can create dazzling effects by emphasizing targeted spots/areas; it’s a truly distinct way to market a product. Need gleaming water droplets on your pool company brochure or the implied leathery texture of cowboy boots on your men’s footwear catalogue? Spot coating can make it happen.

We recognized UV coating as a must-have addition to our ever-growing production department. The UV coater has been without a doubt, another truly innovative solution to our clients’ most central question: “How can we make our brand stand out?”

Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor

Brad has an MBA from the Crummer Graduate School at Rollins College and possesses an innate discipline allowing him to easily develop best practices in manufacturing and creative development, all benefiting clients and their bottom lines. A 1995 graduate of Marquette University, his Midwestern values and tireless work ethic integrate into every interaction he has both internally and externally.

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