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“Freshly Cleaned” Labels

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16 Jun 2020

As businesses across the country begin to reopen, more people are deciding whether, and how, they should travel, visit hotels, go to theme-parks, etc. Sanitizing and instilling confidence in safety concerns are necessary actions that must be taken as businesses open up. It is essential, specifically in the hospitality industry, to make guests feel comfortable and safe in a “freshly cleaned” environment.

What does “Freshly Cleaned” mean and why is it important?

“Freshly Cleaned” labels indicate the space or product where the label was placed, has been sanitized appropriately and is safe to touch. The labels make a statement that the business has stepped up precautionary measures to ensure that their space is welcoming for guests and safeguarding their health. Ease your guests’ safety concerns and welcome repeated visits by demonstrating higher cleanliness and hygiene standards.

“Freshly Cleaned” functionalities & benefits

This is a simple, yet effective solution. Disinfecting and maintaining a clean space is necessary to gain public trust and rebuild your business. The following are a couple examples of its applications:

  • Hotel rooms: A hotel’s main goal is to provide a clean, welcoming sanctuary for guests. Hotels can apply “Freshly Cleaned” labels on their room doors to show that the hotel has taken extensive measures to sanitize the room to assure their guests that it is a safe, clean and comfortable environment.
  • Theme parks rentals: The parks welcome millions of guests per year and thousands of them rent strollers, wheelchairs and mobility scooters. By placing “Freshly Cleaned” labels on the strollers, and the other mobility rentals, park visitors are more inclined to rent them. “Freshly Cleaned” labels show that the rentals have been sanitized and are safe to use.

No matter the end use, “Freshly Cleaned” labels will implement a sense of ease and comfortability to your guests. Your guests will know your business has taken additional hygiene measures to create an environment that ensures their safety and well-being.

Order your “Freshly Cleaned” labels today

We have generic and customizable “Freshly Cleaned” labels setup and ready to print. Help regain public trust and confidence by using these labels to let your guests know it’s a clean place to visit.

Contact us today or request a quote to order your “Freshly Cleaned” labels.

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