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Save Your Letter from the Trash! - Designing Envelopes that Get Opened

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  • Save Your Letter from the Trash! - Designing Envelopes that Get Opened
18 Jul 2018

Creating a compelling envelope can mean the difference between a successful direct mail piece and one that falls flat. There are many ways to entice recipients to open your envelope—from personalization and finishing techniques to eye-catching colors, textures and even interactive elements. Find new ways to increase ROI by testing variable envelope design options on your next direct mail campaign.

 Here are some of our favorite tips for increasing response rate through envelope design:



Size and Shape — Think outside the box! Unique sizes and shapes cost more to mail than standard sizes, but they have the potential to increase ROI significantly. Try testing several options against your proven design.

Color — Classic white works for many applications, but try using your brand’s colors to add personality and give customers a visual preview of your content and immediate brand recognition.

Texture — For higher-end pieces, consider incorporating a textured paper stock for your outer envelope.  Finishing techniques, such as soft-touch varnish or UV spot coating, can also add unique tactile appeal and align with your brand perception.

Teaser Copy — Create and test compelling call-to-action options to find out which

 message works best for your audience and promotion.

Use Both Sides — Since you don’t know which side will be viewed first, make sure both sides are equally compelling.

Personalization — Try out handwritten fonts, variable data and customized images to appeal to your recipients in a more personal way.

Ready to test out these techniques and get creative with envelopes? Download our pdf or request a copy of our handy Envelope Savvy Chart featuring a comprehensive overview of size options, layouts and specs 

 Download your pdf copy today, or contact your SunDance representative for your free copy. 

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