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White BOPP Films Recognized for HDPE Recycling

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  • White BOPP Films Recognized for HDPE Recycling
28 Oct 2020

SunDance has always been committed to maintaining our environmental sustainability. We recognize the responsibility we have to the planet and strive to ensure we are as low-impact as possible throughout the designing and printing process. 

SunDance Labels 

SunDance proudly offers label design and printing services with a wide selection of materials to ensure your labels achieve your project’s goal. Our digital printing capabilities ensure, your sheet or roll labels will always have crisp graphics and vibrant colors enhancing your products, marketing materials, and any other item you’re labelling a professional and brand compliant appearance. We offer paper labels, foil labels, clear labels, weather-resistant UV labels, food-safe labels, film labels, and more! Differentiate your brand, increase consumer appeal, and improve your operation’s efficiency and accuracy with our label design and printing services. 

BOPP Films Recognized for HDPE Recycling 

Film labels are sure to suit a range of applications. Long shelf-lives, tear-resistance, and UV durability are just some of the reasons labels like these may suit your packaging applications. Reasons why film labels might be right for you to consider: 

  • You ship long distances 
  • You store products outside 
  • Your labels are often exposed to UV 
  • You work with round or uneven containers 

SunDance proudly partners with Avery Dennison for label and packaging materials. Our in-house, standard, film label stock Avery Dennison clear and white BOPP films have been recognized to comply with the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) Critical Guidance Protocol for HDPE Recycling. These BOPP films are the first to pass testing and SunDance could not be prouder to use Avery Denmison’s film portfolio.  

Count on SunDance to provide high-quality film labels, use environmentally sustainable material, and offer a concierge level of customer service.  

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