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What is Holographic Foil?

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  • What is Holographic Foil?
24 Mar 2021

Holographic foil adds additional value, flair, and movement to your product. Typically, holographic foil can be applied to most surfaces to achieve the look you desire. Creating a holographic foil print is very similar to another product we offer, metallic foil, but includes an additional embossed pattern that refracts the light.  A holographic foil piece is fluid and glittering, showing the different colors of the spectrum at every angle you turn your piece. Your pattern can be a custom based on your particular project design, or you can use traditional patterns and styles like stars, hearts, rainbows, stripes, etc.

Do you need to add holographic foil?

Holographic foils can be used on any piece where you want to add a multi-color metallic and high-dimension look that creates a dramatic effect. Adding a holographic foil design is a great way to stand out among your competition while adding a high-quality accent to your piece. Samples for pieces that use holographic foil include business cards, stickers, packaging, stationery, invitations, marketing materials, posters, or brochures. 

Why use Sundance for your holographic foils? 

At SunDance, we do all of our holographic foiling in-house and provide you a product created with the latest digital printing methods. The combination of our process, facility, and experienced staff create a product that will take your digital piece to the next level. Not only will holographic foil enhance your piece, but we can also offer variable data for more complicated projects. 

If you are looking to add additional flair and style to your piece, it’s time to think about adding holographic foils with SunDance.

Call us at 407-734-7444 or request a quote today to see examples of our many projects using holographic foils, and how they can make your project stand out.

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