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The Rebranding Process

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09 Jan 2018

After a number of years in business, a company may realize their previous branding is not serving them well and no longer aligns with their current objectives. Rebranding can pose a number of challenges, but it also offers a unique opportunity to re-evaluate, refresh and innovate.

As our company and vision evolved, SunDance needed to update our branding to reflect our new outlook. We wanted our new look to reflect our progress, optimism and forward motion while paying tribute to our history

When we approached our rebranding, we needed to be clear and concise about our abilities and values. We updated our previous ‘sun’ logo to something more iconic and simple, but with the backbone of our history reflected. We used a bright and playful palette of colors that lend themselves to a number of dynamic branding opportunities. The fonts we chose are fresh, contemporary and unbiased—reflecting our experience and clear vision for the future. 


In addition to the design behind our rebrand, we needed to take into consideration technical and practical applications as well. How will we translate the logo in different formats, including black-and white or one color? How will the new logo work with promotional items, digital formats and signage? 


A full company rebrand is not something to take lightly, nor is it something that happens overnight. Phasing out previous collateral, changing signs and in-house materials, email signatures, websites, social media, company uniforms and vehicles — all of those changes take time, energy, and money. Making sure our employees understand the concept and goals of the new branding was essential in making the transition smoother.

It’s also important to make the public (particularly clients and 

prospects) aware of your rebranding efforts. We launched our SunDance University educational series around the same time as our rebrand, and used this as an opportunity to introduce our new color palette and logo through the program.


 Need information on how to start the process? Give SunDance a call, 407.734.4333, today to get it started!

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