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Finding Success with SunDance

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01 Feb 2018

Our History and Growth

SunDance is a print solutions company focused on delivering quality cost-effective and timely solutions with exceptional customer service. Since 2007, SunDance has achieved year-over-year growth of approximately 24% in a downsizing and changing industry. This continued growth can be attributed to several things including our employees, our clients and our continued commitment to innovation.

Client-centric Focus 

We look at the big picture and realize that small improvements over time are essential to our success. This may mean that month-to-month our progress with certain clients or sectors doesn’t seem dramatic, but when we look at the overall improvements from year to year and beyond we can see that we are headed in the right direction. It’s all about perspective. Our enthusiastic salespeople help customers develop creative solutions to create the best possible outcome. We think of ourselves first as a customer service company that provides print services, rather than a printer with excellent customer service. 

We strive to be a resource and asset for our clients. To this end, we work to create and update an easily accessible trove of information. We constantly create and upload new tools, articles, and relevant industry resources to our website. As clients and prospect clients explore the site, our hope is they will develop a broader understanding of our industry in general, along with our specific capabilities. We want to empower our clients and community by providing educational material, information and resources that will help them fully understand the process and make informed choices. 

Our Valued Team 

When it comes to our SunDance team, we believe that our employees have real insight into how our company can improve. With hands-on, day-to-day knowledge, we empower them to make improvements and offer solutions. We listen to and trust our employees when they bring an issue to us, so we can work together to create a solution. 

SunDance takes pride in finding and retaining highly motivated, high-energy, talent. Our employees may come from other companies or even different industries. What is important to us is that we bring in highly motivated and skilled people who will help grow our business while adhering to our core goals. We understand that every member is essential to our success. SunDance values our part-time employees as much as our full-timers, and often transition our part-time team to full-time positions when the opportunity arises. 

Because we believe that company buy-in is essential, SunDance offers quarterly profit-sharing checks to employees—paying a meaningful percentage of year-to-date profits. These employee benefits and initiatives allow us to maintain incredibly low employee turnover.

Our goal is to attract and retain the top clients and employees. We are fully engaged from the top down, and as a result our employees bring the same dedication to their jobs. Being seen, heard and appreciated is essential to the culture at SunDance. We focus on the big picture but never forget that each individual employee is essential to our success. 

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