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Latest Trend in Product Security: Invisible Ink

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  • Latest Trend in Product Security: Invisible Ink
15 Jan 2020

The cover of the latest issue of SunDance’s Flare magazine appears to be blank. Is it a misprint? Did the ink rub off? Not at SunDance! Last quarter’s issue illustrates the latest trend in product security – invisible ink.

The International Chamber of Commerce estimates that $917 billion in counterfeit products are sold annually. To help combat this trend, invisible inks are now being used in a variety of security applications. You’ve even likely encountered them in many settings without realizing it.

Images printed in invisible ink are revealed by shining any standard UV LED light or black light over the substrate. Each product or material can be designed with its own unique element, including special marks, barcodes, brand symbols, serial numbers, watermarks, and QR Codes.

Thwart counterfeiters by printing these elements on your materials. Invisible inks themselves use a custom recipe, making them difficult for the average person to source or replicate, thereby deterring counterfeiters. Images printed in invisible ink are also easily revealed, making it easy for vendors to confirm the authenticity of your products and materials. Invisible inks come in yellow or blue, or the two colors may be used in combination. Capable of being used with fine detail on most substrates, invisible ink can even be printed over top of visible inks, for an added level of complexity.

Let SunDance help with your design and tailor it to your company’s specific security needs.


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