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Holiday Notebooks 2020

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13 Jan 2021

2020 was filled with a multitude of both challenges and victories. Every year is different but 2020 undoubtedly was filled with more change than normal. However, we are proud to say the SunDance team has grown even stronger and more agile this year than ever before. We are reflecting on the silver lining the COVID crazy year has brought us, like this notebook! We created this notebook using solely remnant stock, which controlled the cost and aligned perfectly with our sustainability goals, just another silver lining! The finished product is an interesting blend of paper, color and textures. The cover was produced using #100 cover Black felt paper and foil stamped with clear foil.  The interior on the notebook also has a 2021 calendar and an "Out with the old, in with the new" checklist all foil stamped with silver foil. The notebook also includes a silver belly band produced using #10 pt. cover and 1mil gloss silver lamination. We LOVED creating this notebook!

The SunDance team is incredibly THANKFUL for all the things 2020 taught us and look forward to a successful 2021 working together. CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR!

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