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06 Jan 2021

You’ve got a great new product. You need something to put it in. The packaging needs of a startup company begin with questions like, “How to buy packaging?” or “How to buy a box?” We can help you with that. We’ve actually been there. Our team not only provides packaging solutions from start to finish, but members of our team have been where you are - on the buying side, before we became experts in Folding Carton manufacturing. Let’s start with the basics. Like how to build your art file so it’s print-ready. Our Prepress checklist eliminates the guesswork. Need to ensure your fragile product makes it to shelf unscathed? Our structural design team will guide you to the right box style. Let us take what you find daunting and help you simplify it. You may ask, “but can I afford it?” We have affordable packaging to fit almost any budget and that’s important, especially for a startup. Whether you’re a startup company, creating a new brand or rebranding to start anew, we keep the budget for a new venture at the forefront of what we do and tailor our suggestions to suit.

Call us for personalized service and a free consultation to help focus your startup idea. If you’re asking yourself how to begin, the answer is Sundance Packaging.

Call us at 407-734-7444 or request a quote today.

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