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11 May 2018

Innovation at SunDance comes from fostering a culture of creativity and experimentation. That creativity brings you the latest unique offering from SunDance.

A client challenged us to create a transparent sign with letters that seemed to float. When we delivered and set up the finished pieces, our team was inspired. We knew with just a little modification we would have the expo display our trade show clients needed.

We went back to the shop to create a deceivingly sleek and straightforward base design on which we could add any combination of things such as shelves on one side or both, document pockets, graphics or even lights.

The most innovative part is that it is mobile. It can be assembled and disassembled quickly into pieces that can be easily carried by one person. This allows convention expo vendors to set up and break down their own booths without having to sacrifice style. We have a full lineup of available displays and are always willing to try new things.

If your next trade show is in the Orlando area, contact us to discuss all the ways SunDance can help support you and your company's brand.

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