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Leading the Way with Personalized Automation Solutions

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  • Leading the Way with Personalized Automation Solutions
18 May 2018

SunDance recently participated in the Printing Industries of America 'Automation Ready' Conference and Resource Exchange. Managing Director JohnHenry Ruggeri served as one of the Printing Panelists sharing some of SunDance's case studies highlighting the ways we use automation to help clients streamline their process for more effective business solutions.

During the exchange, JohnHenry discussed how SunDance continually seeks new ways to help our customers automate and innovate, specifically addressing the data management challenges many of our clients face. Our goal is to incorporate automation into our customer-focused, solutions-based model. This allows us to create fully customized and automated programs to manage and analyze data for more effective and targeted campaigns.

 Contact your SunDance customer service representative today to learn more about how you can use automation to increase your marketing success with SunDance.

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