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Continuous Improvement Employee Training Events

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28 Sep 2016

SunDance Hosts Continuous Improvement Employee Training Events

Sundance plotted a new course in 2015 to raise the bar and awareness of Continuous Improvement through Lean Manufacturing Techniques. One result of this course was the creation of the Continuous Improvement Team whose sole purpose is to receive feedback from employees, thoroughly vet all suggestions and feasibility while defining critical needs for implementation. All suggestions revolve around common themes of Lean Manufacturing – saving time and money. Employees receive recognition and awards for implemented suggestions at the company’s monthly meeting.

Additionally, SunDance hosted two training courses within the last month in partnership with FL Business & Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.(FLBMS) and Julie Song, FLBMS President. These courses focused on the production process and demonstrated how small changes can make a significant impact on the overall outcome. Employees gained a greater appreciation for “lean values” and also learned how to further identify continual improvement processes and how to apply them to their daily lives. SunDance’s clients enjoy perhaps the biggest benefit of lean manufacturing – TIME, these initiatives allow SunDance to be more efficient and turn both simple and complex jobs faster than the competition.

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