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3D Printing Saves the day!

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  • 3D Printing Saves the day!
22 Nov 2017

3D printing has created a revolution among professional designers in speeding up the development process of prototypes, all the way down the tinkerer's at home creating impossible structures in plastic resins. 

Sundance jumped into 3D printing early on purchasing one of the original Makerbots to experiment with. We came up a little odds and ends but unfortunately most of it was ultimately useless. 

However that fury of creativity led us down a path towards several incredibly innovative ways we could utilize that technology. 

It began with replacing a missing camera adapter on a tripod revealing one of the most useful applications of 3D printing technology for a production facility like SunDance. We began to realize we could fabricate our own replacement parts or even design entirely new parts for our equipment.

Then one day we had a part fail on a vital piece of equipment and discovered the replacement part was going to have to come from overseas and take weeks to arrive.  In true Sundance fashion we refused to let a downed machine jeopardize a customer's delivery date. So we jumped into action and reached out to our friend Swami over at Factur to help us render the part and get us back up in time to satisfy our customer’s needs.  

That's just one of the many different ways Sundance makes sure to stay on schedule for our clients.  That's because we understand the importance of deadlines and delivering your piece on time, every time. 

Find out more about the lengths we'll be willing to go through to make sure SunDance is the only printer you'll ever need. 

Thanks to Swami and Factur for all of their help. 

Visit Factur at or in person at 520 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.





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