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3 Easy Ways to Design Creative Workspaces

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  • 3 Easy Ways to Design Creative Workspaces
29 Nov 2016

How much thought goes into your company’s workspaces? Before you pass the buck to the facilities management team and declare, “What’s done is done,” think about the impact that workplace design has on your business. In its Workplace Design Developments for 2016, SBFI reports, “poor workplace design costs U.S. businesses an estimated $330 billion in lost productivity each year.” That’s billion with a “b.”

In its Workplace Design Developments for 2016, SBFI reports, “poor workplace design costs U.S. businesses an estimated $330 billion in lost productivity each year.” That’s billion with a “b.”

So what type of work environment would inspire your employees? One that’s creative, colorful, and attractive enough to delight the visual senses.

Start by taking into account the top current design trends, which include more color, more texture, and the end of permanent layouts. There’s no need to start from scratch and invest thousands of dollars, because creative workspace solutions are just that – creative – and within every company’s reach – and budget.

Here are 3 ideas for making your existing office space more inviting to today’s workforce:

1. Align your space with your brand and culture.

Align your space with your brand and culture One way to achieve this is by using iconic objects in ways you never thought possible: wrap them up! Custom wrapping can transform a workspace. Think posts, tables, TV screens, and cubes. You can create wraps by printing on a variety of substrates, like vinyl, fabric, canvas, mesh and (naturally) paper. It’s an effective way to add vibrant color and graphics to an office environment.

Picture a custom façade that wraps around TV screens in your lobby or conference rooms. We’ll make sure the size, weight, and materials are suitable for your needs.

You can wrap conference tables or desks with graphics that strengthen your brand ID, using nonstick laminate to protect the furniture. Similarly, you can wrap doors, pillars, ceilings and partitions, with a range of patterns and finishes.

One of the most creative types of 3D interior graphics is the LED lighted cube. It’s a graphic display piece that’s modular, eye-catching, lightweight and transportable. Wrap the panels with your own branding or artwork, and place the lighted cubes on conference tables or on the floors throughout the company.

2. Optimize Your Walls and the Spaces In Between.

Optimize Your Walls and the Spaces In Between Wall coverings are extremely popular today, because you can customize walls using a range of finishes, weights, and textures. A basic wall wrap is a vinyl film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that’s pre-applied. These wraps will adhere to brick, masonry, or painted walls, and they’ll conform to the wall’s texture.

Wall wraps can be temporary or permanent, with a gloss or a matte finish. And working walls can be both practical and attractive. Think about tinted glass magnetic walls as well as custom dry erase walls, where employees can collaborate endlessly on a large writing surface.

Consider creating an eye-popping feature wall. This “money wall” might be in your company lobby, conference room, or a space where major clients gather. You can print your corporate colors and logos on it, creating customized wallpaper. Or create a wall series out of one design element, like an ocean wave, blending materials like acrylic and decorative PVC to give it depth and texture. Add backlighting and it’s instantly magical.

Cut-outs are also sought-after wall treatments. You’ve seen examples in retail stores, fitness clubs, sporting events, and increasingly in office environments. These are acrylic, PVC or foam cut-outs applied in prominent positions on popular walls. Usually it’s a company logo, tagline, or a quote that’s meant to inspire, but we can turn any image into a cut-out.

Aside from improving the traditional office areas, think of creative uses for other available space at your company to help employees meet and brainstorm. Kitchen areas should be attractive and inviting. How about establishing an employee lounge with comfortable seating and a communal table? Private meeting spaces outside of conference rooms are also important. Do what you can to promote collaboration. It will boost creativity.

3. Grace Your Walls with Giclee.

Grace Your Walls with Giclee Giclee prints are all the rage. These are digital fine art prints made on inkjet printers, and they’re affordable for everyone. We can print them one at a time or even on demand. They’re available on acid-free archival paper, canvas, cloth, or on mixed media like acrylic, glass, metal and wood. You can get a giclee print at any size.

These fine art prints are gallery wrapped around pieces of wood. And although they’re printed inkjet, the naked eye doesn’t see the dot pattern of the ink; rather, it has a continuous tone like an original painting. The artwork looks and feels rich.

Bonus idea #4!

Creative graphics solutions set the stage for your office space. Now it’s time to “make it your own” by letting employees bring in personal items, like photos, plants, inspirational books – even their dogs! If staff members are comfortable in their workspaces, they’ll be happier and more productive.

Feeling inspired yet? These are just a few ways in which you can transform your workspaces into colorful, attractive and open environments. Work with a graphics partner who has the design tools and the creative talent to bring your most innovative ideas to life.

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