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SunDance Sustainability: Our 2021 SGP Audit

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  • SunDance Sustainability: Our 2021 SGP Audit
15 Jul 2022

SunDance recently completed an SGP recertification audit, a rigorous process we go through every 2 years. SGP stands for the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership and is the only print-production specific certification program focused on all aspects of sustainability within a print manufacturing organization. SunDance was the first offset printer in the state of Florida to achieve SGP certification, one of only 62 SGP certified companies in the USA and Canada.

One of SunDances’ CORE values is to “live sustainably,” in 2018 SunDance took a stance on sustainability and went to work on establishing standards using SGP's requirements. There have been 3 SGP iterations and they are currently developing v4 standards involving a solid waste audit and tracing down to the type of cleaner we use to wipe down our lunchroom tables. All of our energy usage, water usage, waste disposal, yearly emissions, and recycling is meticulously tracked in the SGP impact tracker. (Take a look at how the impact tracker looks in our previous post here) We also do yearly energy audits, indoor air quality checks, emission assessments, among other environmental and health evaluations.

SGP requires a Continuous Improvement Project (CIP) each year. Last year, we’ve started using Urban E Recycling to recycle our electronic waste, recycling 1978 lbs of material. The year prior we improved the way we use water for our laminators. In 2019, we turned all of our initial employee training digital which helped eliminate excess paper waste. This year we’re working on the human side of sustainability, we’ve hosted a blood drive and are planning on doing a park clean up along-side 2 donation drives. Keep watching the blog for more information on these upcoming events.

While it may seem like extra work as well as additional processes and procedures, we strive to do the right thing for our environment, even if it may mean switching what dish soap we use with a greener product. SGP’s guidelines have helped SunDance make improvements across the board including: reduce VOC emissions and internal paper usage, implementation of environment friendly inks, and encouraging employees to “live sustainably” at work and at home.

SunDance goes above and beyond for our environment as well as our clients. If you’re interested in how to make your products sustainable, consider Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) paper for your products... contact us! We offer both at SunDance and follow their strict chain of custody requirements, ensuring your product is as sustainably driven as you want or need it to be.

We will also be offering soon a recyclable flexible packaging material, contact us to learn more!

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