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Direct Mail: Get Top Results with Full-Color Printed Envelopes

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  • Direct Mail: Get Top Results with Full-Color Printed Envelopes
26 Dec 2023

Printing your direct mail envelopes in vibrant colors, with custom images, is a sure way to get your direct mail noticed. Our newest full-color printed envelope capabilities offer a wide range of sizes, complete PMS matches, variable data options, and lightning-fast production speed. As consumer interests shift and generational preferences continue to evolve, leveraging full-color envelopes in your marketing campaigns can drive brand recognition and loyalty from audiences. 

Why Direct Mail Continues to Dominate

Although email has exploded as a marketing tool due to its affordability and easy convenience, it still can’t beat direct mail for effectiveness and staying power. To cite a few recent statistics, while the open rate for email marketing averages just 18%, the open rate for direct mail ranges from a robust 55% to a marketer’s dream of 90%. No wonder almost three-quarters of marketing professionals consider direct mail a critical component of their total marketing strategy!

Among consumers, 92% view direct mail as being more effective than digital marketing in getting their attention and delivering the message—and 76% trust direct mail when they make buying decisions.

These success rates remain fairly constant year after year, which is what makes direct mail more cost-effective, dollar for dollar, than most email marketing campaigns. Combining the two formats in integrated campaigns is a home run.

Add Power to Your Direct Mail with Full-Color Printed Envelopes

Direct mail can be delivered in envelopes, postcards, and packages of virtually any shape and size. Full-color printed envelopes are a budget-friendly choice that packs a lot of punch and yields a very attractive return on your direct mail investment.

All-new capabilities in our printing and mailing facility bring the power of full-color envelope printing to your marketing programs in a number of important ways.

  • Custom imagery can be printed in vibrant, eye-catching colors, including full bleeds. Our expert mail designers make sure that your direct mail envelopes are not only memorable but also meet all USPS and other applicable mailing requirements.
  • Our inks won’t run in rainy weather or snowy conditions, won’t fade in bright light, and are also smudge-proof. Your creative mailing envelopes will delight consumers as colors stay vivid and rich every step of the way, from our door to theirs.
  • High-resolution printing, at 1200 x 1200 DPI, ensures that colors, images, and messaging are displayed to maximum advantage.
  • Choose from a variety of envelope sizes, including custom sizes, thanks to flexible printer feeds that range from 3.25” x 3.5” minimum all the way to 11.75” x 13” maximum.
  • PMS color-matching is no problem for full-color printed envelopes, as thousands of colors can be matched to ensure that your brand is always displayed accurately.
  • What would direct mail be without the magic of variable data printing and personalization? Our new full-color envelope printing capabilities offer all the inline variable data features you count on, including direct printing and a variety of label options.


Full-Color Printed Envelopes Meet All Postal Requirements

As a full-service printer and volume direct mail facility, SunDance has extensive in-house direct mail expertise. Our expert designers will work with you to ensure all postal standards are met without sacrificing imaginative designs and trend-setting uses of full-color envelope printing.

Our advanced direct mail software can collect data from your mail campaigns, enabling you to monitor results over time and determine what materials, messaging, and offers work best. More than half of business decision-makers (56%) rely on such data to guide their customer experience strategies, according to recent research from Forrester. Is your organization able to segment direct mail targets by demographics such as generation or age group (e.g., millennials), professional niche (e.g., business women), or geographic location? If so, you can create more specific messages that will resonate in a more personal way—and print them on the envelopes as well as in their contents.

Our direct mail experts have the tools and experience necessary to advise and support your competitive direct mail initiatives. These assets, and the documented success of direct mail marketing year after year, compel us to keep pushing the envelope.

Trust Your Success to SunDance

As an innovative printing, packaging, and mailing company, SunDance employs technologies and tools that enable marketers to be more efficient, more effective, and more successful. And we are constantly exploring new capabilities to offer our clients. Most recently, the addition of full-color printed envelopes has excited our direct mail design team and print production staff, and we know that it will inspire creative direct mail marketers as well.

Contact us today to find out more about our Direct Mailing capabilities!

Kandi Johansmeyer

Kandi Johansmeyer

Kandi Johansmeyer manages the SunDance Sales and Marketing Team, bringing over 20 years of professional experience in marketing, manufacturing, and management. Her proven brand management track record spans a number of industries, including travel/leisure, hoteliers, residential builders, horticulture, vacation ownership, and higher education. This wealth of experience allows her to easily adapt relevant sales and marketing strategies based on the selling environment and audience.

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