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We Recycled 799 Pounds of Electronic Waste!

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  • We Recycled 799 Pounds of Electronic Waste!
22 Apr 2021

One of SunDance’s Continuous Improvement Projects for 2021 is to utilize a more sustainable vendor for our e-waste stream. In addition to recycling our own electronic waste we also encouraged our employees to bring in their home electronic waste to recycle in an effort to keep electronic items out of landfills. We collected 799 pounds of electronic waste!

In order to reach our goal we partnered with Urban E Recycling; this company specializes in the breakdown and proper recycling of old, broken, or end-of-life electronics and destruction of data (such as hard drives).  Once items are sent to Urban E Recycling they are sorted and/or dismantled down to the component level and the processed materials are sent out to be recycled through certified R2 downstream facilities. Nothing goes to the landfill!

On February 24, 2021 SunDance held the first of two pickup events for this year and we were able to collect and recycle 799 pounds of electronic items and divert them from the landfill.

Call us at 407-734-7444 to learn more about this Continuous Improvement Project!

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