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SunDance Packaging Client Spotlight: Scent Fill

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  • SunDance Packaging Client Spotlight: Scent Fill
31 Mar 2022

Scent Fill has been working with SunDance since 2021 to creatively and responsibly package their line of 100% Natural air freshener plug in refills. As a company who focuses on 100% natural products with no synthetic, harmful, or controversial ingredients, Scent Fill’s commitment to responsibly sourced products and environmentally sound principles carried across to their choice of print vendor. Because SunDance is the first SGP (Sustainable Green Partnership) certified printer in Florida, our commitment to the environment aligned perfectly with Scent Fill’s company philosophy.

Once Mark Callison (Scent Fill Founder) met SunDance Business Development Director Steve Kirchof, it was quickly decided SunDance was the right choice for Scent Fill’s packaging needs. Currently, Scent Fill distributes their products to small, medium, and large size retailers as well as through a thriving online presence. Because large national distributors carry Scent Fill, Mark knew it was important to choose a printing partner who would commit to a quality packaging product and stick to a timeline. According to Scent Fill, "SunDance is a crucial part of our supply chain, and a reliable printer we can trust. So glad we met and have formed a partnership.”  SunDance is excited to work with Scent Fill and shares their commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing.

To learn more about Scent Fill’s line of 100% natural products, visit their website at



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