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Sundance Embraces Automation, Significantly Speeding Up Services

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  • Sundance Embraces Automation, Significantly Speeding Up Services
25 Mar 2019

SunDance’s priority is to provide the best possible service for its customers. It may sound a bit simple, but it is true—and the proof is in the process. In 2018 we achieved our highest customer satisfaction rating to date, and we are always striving to make ongoing improvements. Internal initiatives are not always customer facing yet often yield substantial improvements to our service and solutions. We were honored to be chosen and highlighted for integrating the PrintOS Jobs API and Tharstern API to automate digital processes for our HP Indigo at EDGE 2019, Dscoop Annual Conference.

This automated approach provides a comprehensive view of processes, performance, and a new way to evaluate and make improvements. Metrics can now be examined, making gaps obvious and quick to fix.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Automated features for our equipment means faster and more efficient results for your orders. Our system is now more efficient and streamlined, allowing us to handle large orders with ease. To find out more about the advantages of SunDance’s automated processes, read Dscoop’s comprehensive article about it.

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