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How to Exhibit Like a Pro

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04 Jan 2019

You’ve got an awesome product and you want everyone to know about it! Trade shows and conferences are a great way to get your name out to a large number of potential future clients. But, you don’t want to spend time and money just to get overlooked in the crowd. Follow these tips to stand out at your next event and create an exhibit that attendees can't miss and won’t forget!

1. Plan ahead. If you want to make the most of your event, you need to think ahead. Start the planning process well in advance of the big day, giving yourself plenty of time to order promotional items, promote your presence and overcome any unexpected challenges along the way.

2. Create a unique giveaway item. Think beyond pens and water bottles. Always make your giveaways something you’d want to receive and use, and make sure it’s not something everyone else is giving away. Bonus tip: With so many freebies at trade shows and conferences, the largest bag ends up holding everything else. This is the time to go BIG!

3. Research the competition. Find out which companies are going to be vying for your potential customers’ attention. Make sure your message and visuals stand out from the rest.

4. Promote your presence before the show. Make sure your best leads know you’ll be attending, how to find you, and what to expect. Create a compelling reason for them to seek you out.

5. Target a specific audience. If you need to go for a smaller group of highly qualified customers, think about setting up an invite-only event to give your high-level potential customers the VIP treatment while gaining their undivided attention.

6. Innovate and entertain. To make your brand stand out, attention is the name of the game. Use booth design to differentiate from the crowd. Include features that grab attention. Be fun, get noticed and create a buzz! Imagine about what people will be talking about the next day, and become that booth!

7. Make your message clear. Focus on clarity when it comes to your message and branding. Keep it simple, and include the most important information to increase recollection.

8. Become the expert. Position your company as an authority by setting up a speaking engagement or presentation. By sharing your expertise with the attendees, you can automatically put yourself ahead of the competition.

9. Create lasting impressions. Follow up your success with incentives that last beyond the event. Find ways to transition the momentum into further promotions and follow-up pieces.

10. Follow up on all your leads. Convert your presence at the event into future clients with a comprehensive conversion plan. You have a small window of time to turn those leads into sales — don’t waste this opportunity!

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