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30 Mar 2018

Sometimes a traditional presentation folder is not large enough to hold all of your business collateral. Capacity folders are the answer. You can now have a folder with a custom sized boxed pocket to allow for more materials without bulging or ripping.

SunDance recently added the box bottom folder to our lineup of available presentation folder designs produced in-house, and the response has been phenomenal. The larger sizes can accommodate many times more materials, making the box-bottom perfect for projects where a traditional presentation folder is not enough. 


Box-bottom folders can be created using a template or custom designed to include various pockets for business cards or usb drives. Just like traditional folders, they can also utilize all of the processes available at SunDance such as raised UV printing, high-gloss finishes, soft-touch laminate or even clasps, snaps, or flaps to make your final presentation folder something special.

Contact us now to discuss your project requirements and see if the box bottom folder is right for you. 

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