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Shimmer, Shine and Sell! A Study On Foil Packaging Results

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  • Shimmer, Shine and Sell! A Study On Foil Packaging Results
22 Jul 2014

Any product marketer understands that to make the sale, sometimes the first step is just to be seen. Eye-catching packaging can make the difference between a sale or getting left on the shelf. A recent study observed consumer responses to high-visibility effects, including embossing, specialty UV coatings, metallic finishes and foil stamping.

Companies such as Colgate, Gillette, Zantac and more have proven the eye-catching and value-adding properties of foil stamping and other high-visibility printing effects by increasing their sales quantities, increasing the perception of value (and thus their ability to charge higher prices), dominating product categories, and changing the package quality standard of their product markets.

It’s easy to think that these results are simply limited to certain product lines or applications. But the study, which covered a variety of product types and packages, showed that foil-stamped products captured shopper attention faster and retained their attention longer than identical non-foil packaging.

Check out the study here :

The implications are phenomenal for product marketers. Want to make an impact with your product packaging? Contact SunDance today to discuss your options or to receive a quote for printing your next product packaging project!

Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor

Brad has an MBA from the Crummer Graduate School at Rollins College and possesses an innate discipline allowing him to easily develop best practices in manufacturing and creative development, all benefiting clients and their bottom lines. A 1995 graduate of Marquette University, his Midwestern values and tireless work ethic integrate into every interaction he has both internally and externally.

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