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Sundance utilizes the FB700 Large Format Printer to improve customer brand communications

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  • Sundance utilizes the FB700 Large Format Printer to improve customer brand communications
05 Jan 2015

Visual imagery is a naturally powerful tool for brand communication.  Trying to tell a potential customer about a product with a wordy description risks losing them but visual content can quickly deliver a message by actually showing the product.  Visual communication is quick, effective, and people consume it consistently!  Print and marketing service providers know there is great value in producing large-scale images for clients.  Our new Large Format HP Scitex Flatbed 700 printer has equipped us with a unique set of possibilities for advertising BIG ideas in BIG spaces.

This printer first caught our attention with its outstanding efficiency rating.  Its automated features allow for elevated large format printing speed and the ability to handle high-volume jobs with ease.  Image resolution up to 1200 X 600 dpi proves that even with these next level-printing speeds, dazzling image quality is by no means surrendered.

The Flatbed’s ability to print on a virtually limitless list of media up to 2.5 inches thick has opened up our production team to a whole new world of printing potential.  This media versatility equates to us printing on nearly any surface imaginable – from rigid to flexible, transparent to opaque, from windows to walls, and even doors.  Printing on various surfaces in high-res with durable inks equates to a longer lasting, better-looking product. 

In addition to 6-color printing process, the Flatbed-700 system also offers high quality white ink.  White ink adds a whole new dimension to large format by highlighting images and standing out against darker backgrounds where colored inks fail to achieve desirable high contrasts.  These upgraded ink applications are truly changing the benchmarks for our clients’ unique printing expectations.

As we continue to grow our large format capabilities, the rules are changing.  We can now better customize projects and truly explore the world of large-scale printing.  Consistently winning our partners new customers is why we’re in this business!  Our HP Flatbed-700 and its hybrid printing system is giving our clients more options and it’s leading to bigger ideas, the potential to reach bigger audiences, and greater chances to hit marketing “home-runs.”

JohnHenry Ruggieri

JohnHenry Ruggieri

With an MBA from the Crummer Graduate School at Rollins College and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Lehigh University, JohnHenry was well prepared for his current role in overseeing the print manufacturing side of SunDance. Undoubtedly possessing a unique background in management, his experience includes running a 50,000 acre wild game reserve and cattle ranch in Kenya prior to moving back to the states in 2006.

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