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Postal Rate Increase in 2021 = The Perfect Time To Mail More

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  • Postal Rate Increase in 2021 = The Perfect Time To Mail More
12 Feb 2021

The post office rolled out postal increases, effective end of January 2021. Overall, the pricing increases are approximately 1.8% for First-Class Mail and 1.5% for other categories. The GOOD NEWS is there will not be an increase to the First Class Forever stamp price, which will remain at .55 per each.  

There is NO better time in history to be using direct mail to promote your business and below are a couple reasons why.

Reason #1: A good portion of Americans are still spending more time at home or working remote than they have in past years. For some of these people the mailbox will be their only connection to the outside world. They would be thrilled to get a postcard or personalized letter from your company/brand. If the offer is right they will respond quicker than they have done in the past. 

Reason #2:
 Digital marketing is very cost effective but the space is highly cluttered and often hard to stand out. Due to some bad apples peoples trust with things they see on the internet is at an all-time low.  

SunDance has the capabilities to help with all the steps involved with putting together a direct mail campaign. We can help with Design, Mailing List, Print, and Deliver to the post office.  

I will be offering FREE direct mail consultation in the month of February. Call me or email me if you have a direct mail campaign coming up that you want to discuss how SunDance can help you get a higher response rates on your next direct mail campaign. 


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Check out the rate increase from USPS: 

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